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  1. In the eyes of many dog ​​owners, it is good to a dog, maybe spend only some time for you, but it returns to you for a lifetime. If you want — a dog, it knows how to move your heart. Is it true? Does your dog really love you? Why is the dog so loyal to the owner? Can dogs perceive emotions? Recently, a wonderful thing happened in Kenya: a newborn baby girl abandoned in the forest was discovered by a bitch. In the nest of Nairobi slums. The bitch then took care of the baby girl with her puppy. Later, the two local children found her in the dog's nest after hearing the cry of the baby girl. People reported the matter to the nearby police station and sent the baby girl into a local hospital. The story of the righteous dog saving people once again puts a long -time arguing scientific topic in front of people: Do your dog really love you? Scientists, veterinarians, and dog owners have always been confused about the relationship between people and their friends — the relationship between dogs. Whether people can perceive emotions, especially love, have always been controversial. Although some more ancient academic genres do not agree that dogs have theory similar to human emotions, some researchers now say that this issue is worthy of our attention. All mammals, including dogs, have a "happy center" in their brains. The center will be stimulated by dopamine that can regulate happy emotions. For example, when a dog is playing with the game, the "Happy Center" will release dopamine, so the dog will feel "pleasant". Because humans have similar brain chemicals, can we assume that dogs and humans are more similar in terms of emotion than we previously thought? Emotional dogs from humans can get happiness. Ferde Metiger, a lecturer of animal visitor to the State University of Pennsylvania, said: "Dogs may not perceive the typical form of human beings. It is because it is a loyal "slave '. Dogs can get happiness from the emotions pinned from human beings. The more the dog is to give us the" smart factor ", we will feel more and more likely to love us. This is more likely to make us more likely to make us make us more likely to make us. Give dogs, give them food, and give them the opportunity to get outdoor -all of which are based on the degree of paying us based on the extent they shown. "Metig's inferred that as long as we continue to treat dog skills and skills and Funny moves are treated and paid attention to and pay attention, they will always "love" us. However, in a statement that would definitely make the "dog lovers" all over the world, Metig added: "If we store our dogs to the neighbor's house, and the neighbors are like us, a similar motivation, out of a similar motivation. Treating them, I believe that our dogs will adapt to new life, and they will be as loyal to our neighbors as loyal to us. "In view of most people devoted a lot of time and sincere emotions on the dogs, they think that the dog's love for the owner can easily transfer to the neighbors to the neighbors The view on the body seems disturbing. However, pet dog registered trainer Risley Burgard does not think the dog's "first love" is so simple. Burgard said: "The loyalty of the dog has no conditions, and a large extent is like parents' selfless love for their children. In most cases, our dogs will always stand on the side, even if we are trapped in us In adversity, when the situation is the harsh situation, they will never give up. This kind of love and loyalty drives emotions from instincts. "Behind the research of group consciousness, long animalist Jane Goodo, shows that animals There is indeed emotions. He believes that from the perspective of behavior, only when animals can experience emotions can it make sense, and group animals must be able to understand the emotions of other animals in their affiliated communities, and must be able to maintain some kind of social bond. So, what is the motivation for dogs to love us so much? Researchers have found that almost all animals have group consciousness. The wolf as a dog ancestor is even more prominent at this point. A lingering wolf will die soon. Dogs and people live together, and it takes granted every member of the family as a element in the "dog group". The survival of the group requires every member to unite and support each other. So when it is dangerous, at least when a dog thinks is danger, it will naturally protect every member of the home. Of course, sometimes it is very natural to seek protection from us. There can only be one leader in each animal group. This leader should meet tall and severe conditions, so it will be respected and obedient from all members. Dogs always find such a role at home. Most of the time, they will be the male owner at home, so it will always obey the male owner, and sometimes carelessly for the hostess or children who usually feed it. When the dog thinks that you are not a member of its group, it is amazing. This is actually the habit of actively driving outsiders in the group, not "the dog's eyes are low." Dogs are like group residences. In dog breeding fields or rural areas, there is always a dog leading a group of dogs and governing and governing them. The leader of the head dog is usually represented by the following specific actions: if it is allowed to be allowed to inspect the genitals of the other dogs, it is not allowed to urinate in the place where another dog is rowed across the direction. The other party can shake his head, tail tail, naughty, sitting or lying down. When the head dog leaves, he can stand. After the level advantage was clear, the hostile state disappeared and began to become friends. The dog's domain concept is strong, and it is accustomed to using urine to mark its "sphere of power". Is the dog's emotional love, or is it a trick? Communication with people is a natural habit of dogs, especially associated with children, and the natural habit often depends on the level of "mark" with people at 3 to 7 weeks. If the first two months of the dog are only with its parents or other dogs, or if they do not really understand people, it is easy to produce a situation of dislikes and people who do not love people and do not train well. If you have been caressing from a young age, this will make it recognize that people are their friends and familiar with the smell of people. This will develop a personality of love with people. Researchers believe that dogs' emotions will further consolidate the internal communication of the population, such as barking, roaring or exposing teeth to show their anger and offensiveness. But the puppy's eyes are revealing true love, and it is just a trick that they try to get food from your hands. It is still unreasonable. As long as science is still developing, then the true meaning of your dog's happiness shaking the tail happily needs to be further explained by science. But anyway, dogs give all their humans and see humans as their cosmic center. We are the objects they love, loyalty and trust. Needless to say, the smartest decision of human beings is to choose a dog as a good friend. When the background knowledge dog expresses the emotional dog's ears, it means that it wants to attack each other. If it is strong, the face will become hard and straight. When the ears are posted backwards, they are very happy or coquettish with others. Dogs' eyes change is the change of its mood. When you are angry, your pupils are open and your eyes are hanging, which becomes terrible eyes; when you are sad and lonely, your eyes are moist, and you feel like you are talking; when you are happy, your eyes are bright, full of confidence or hope. Look away. On the contrary, if you are pressured or faulty, you will turn your eyes and lower your head and turn your eyes. The dog's tail is also a barometer of its emotion. When the tail shakes very hard and a little bit turning around, it means that it is very happy. When the tail slowly shakes, it indicates its intimate feelings; when the tail is upright, when it is full of power and shakes little by little, it is provoking each other and trying the other party. Power representation. When the dog is scared, the tail droops and sandwich in the middle of the butt; when it is very scared, even roll the tail under the stomach.

  2. On the basis of emotions, there are two sources:
    1 are trustworthy to the mother;
    are loyal obedience to group leaders.
    It is that the loyalty of the dog to the owner is actually a transfer of the loyalty of the dog to the mother or the group leader.
    The loyalty of dogs should be essentially in essence: the essence is the animal itself.
    The faithfulness of dogs has two reasons:
    1. In terms of the living habits of animals, animals' judgment on the outside world mainly depends on the smell. After the puppy is born It is the smell of the bitch, and then the smell of the owner is more, so the friend in his mind is the owner.
    2. From the dog's living habits, as the saying goes, "people love and eat, dogs and eat", dog life is mainly based on the food provided by people.

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