5 thoughts on “What to eat for dogs to supplement calcium”

  1. Feed dogs for dogs for pets or calcium powder, and fish soup that removes fishbone. Feed some dairy products and cartilage for dogs, and reduce food intake of vitamin A and other vitamin A. If the dogs have symptoms of calcium deficiency, they need to be treated with drugs. Frequent sun and outdoor sports are conducive to the absorption and utilization of calcium.

  2. If it is an adult dog owner, you can feed dogs with calcium and fish with rich calcium and vitamin D content rich in dogs, which can effectively supplement the calcium required in the dog's body. In addition Essence

  3. If your dog has symptoms of calcium deficiency, it is necessary to take drug treatment. It is recommended that you choose vitamin D3, oral vitamin D2, and vitamin D3 pills with less high -priced calcium carbonate and calcium lactate. Of course, if conditions permit, you can also use some imported brands of pet calcium, because these products are still more professional than compared to.

  4. Pets are calcium supplement. It is generally recommended to eat animal products. Various bone meals can be used. Of course, there are specially prepared special dog food. Just buy it directly.

  5. You can add it to the dog food, mix well, or feed it alone, but pay attention to see the proportion of calcium and phosphorus in these products. Personally, it is more suitable to eat calcium tablets if it is a puppy; if it is a large dog, you can eat some calcium powder.

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