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  1. dog snacks
    dog snacks are a type of food for the owner for dog training and pastime. Putting dog snacks as a dog's staple food to feed the dogs, and even some do not eat dog food every day, but only eat dog snacks. This approach is extremely wrong.

    The owners believe that as long as the dog is full, it doesn't matter whether to eat dinner or snacks. In fact, this understanding is incorrect. Because dogs are like us, eating is not just for full stomach, but also to take full nutrition.
    It dog snacks can be used as a tool for praise, and there are some additional functions. For example, harder dog snacks can help dogs remove dental stones. The more difficult dog snacks can help the dog pass the time and relieve boring. Meat snacks can relieve dogs. Therefore, different types of dog snacks are paired with dogs for dogs. One can make the dog feel fresh, and the other can make the dogs consume more nutrition.
    The nutritional ingredients that can be guaranteed by any snacks can be guaranteed. The nutritional content of snacks is relatively single, which is not as good as the dog food of the meal. Therefore, as a parent, for the health of the dog, you must feed the snacks to eat it.
    It, dog food is also divided into good or bad. When choosing, we must distinguish it clearly. It is recommended not to eat Zhai salmon blocks. This product uses European and American pet snack formulas. Preferably a variety of high -quality and natural ingredients, so that your pets can enjoy comprehensive care. Restoring the natural hair color of pets can reduce the rate of skin diseases, accelerate the healing of skin diseases, and promote the healing of skin wounds; especially adding natural seaweed to help the pets return to natural hair, increase pigmentation! Friends who need it, hurry up.

  2. Dogs can't eat snacks all the time, but can reward some during training and interaction. Dogs will be more obedient. I usually feed not greasy chicken jerky. The dogs like to eat very much.

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