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  1. How to cut tire hairs for dogs
    The general puppy brought tire hair from birth, so it will not be very bright. If your dog is rolled, such as: Varigamin Teddy, Bear, and Card, then their hair will be rolled out after shaving, and the hair will be even and bright. Puppies do not cut hair. It depends on personal preferences. If you like to dress up puppy, you can take a lot of shapes with puppies, and some dogs need to repair hair regularly, such as: Sherry, Yorkonia, etc. If you want your dog to participate in the game, it is necessary to repair the hair. Let's follow me, let's take a look!
    . The disadvantages of dog -cut hair
    1. Damaged hair follicles] If you want to ask a professional beautician to shave the dog, it may be better. For light, the damage to the dog's hair follicles is very great. After damaging the hair follicles, the new hair of the dog will lose the original luster and will be unhealthy.
    2. Lost the outermost protection] After the dog is shaved by the skin, when you go out, the light will directly illuminate the skin. Everyone knows that summer people want to wipe sunscreen to prevent ultraviolet damage. Dogs cannot be wiped or needed, because the skin surface is protected on the surface of the skin. Moreover, the hair on the dog also has the effect of heat insulation. Although we touch the dog's hotness, the temperature at the root of the hair is lower than that of the surface.
    . The trick of cutting the dog with hair
    The long hair of the dog not only looks hot in summer and early autumn, but it is not good after the crazy crazy, but also easy to hang dirty things. As a result, pet beauty has been hot recently, but the expensive cost has made ordinary consumers discouraged. Most owners can save this cost. In fact, you can cut the dog with a comb and scissors at home. Pouring pets in time to help reduce pets to be knotted by hair, and can also help pets have a beautiful appearance.
    [1, utensil] wood comb, small scissors and cutting. Small scissors are used to trim the hair neatly, and cutting is used to cut it. The hair is natural and beautiful.
    [2, preparation] Take a bath for the dog before trimming, and then trim it with a wooden comb. Scissors should be used vertically and do not scratch it for the dog's body.
    . Is it good for the dog to cut the dog in summer
    The actually dogs can only cool down through the foot pads and tongue and excite heat. Many people now cut their pet dogs, which actually only achieves the purpose of making their visual effects cool, which does not have practical significance for the dog itself. At the same time, many dogs cannot adapt because they lose their hair, and they will be anxious, excited, unattended, refuse to see people, and go out. In this regard, the owner can only wait for the dog to adapt. It takes a long time. It is estimated that the dog will ease it.
    The emotional changes in the dogs above, specific countermeasures: know how to comfort the dogs at the right time, play with the dog, and give the dog delicious snacks. Don't force the dog to go out. When the dog's hair grows again, there is no problem. There is no problem.
    How to cut the dog hair for the dog, I hope the above method can help you!

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