I want to raise a puppy, but what should I do if I want to go to work during the day

A person's life is always boring. After get off work, there is a sense of loneliness in the wall, so you want to raise a puppy to raise it, so that you can send a sense of loneliness. But the question is, I want to go to work during the day, how can I raise it?

5 thoughts on “I want to raise a puppy, but what should I do if I want to go to work during the day”

  1. You can take the dog out of the morning when you get up in the morning and skate at noon? How can you feed the dog if no one is at noon! If anyone is good

    In afternoon after work, take him out to play. Twice a day. If you have time at noon, you can take it out to run out. When you sleep yourself during the day, remember to put the things at home, don't let it eat what you should not eat
    In that if you are boring, go to the pet shop to buy a dog for dogs. It is used to pass the time and play more toys that are usually played

    Is that you do not recommend that you raise a large dog and large dogs. of

  2. In fact, if you really want to raise a dog. As long as you take it for a walk after you come back from get off work, you can be very happy to accompany it on the weekend. My family has two dogs, and we can go to work until night to play with them during the day. They are also very happy. As long as you really treat them with your heart, dogs also have feelings, and you know it well for it.
    , you have to prepare for your psychological preparations before you raise dogs. Sometimes dogs are very naughty. It will bite your things and say that it is not fun. It is often common in the living room. You have to take a bath and beauty often. Essence Essence Essence Anyway, raising dogs can bring you a lot of fun and bring you some troubles. If you really think about it, bring a cute dog home! Ha ha 😉

  3. I think the problem is not that you work during the day. It is what the dog will do at home during the day, so you need to train it to recognize the local toilet when the dog is one and a half months to two months. Otherwise, you don't want to see the gold on the ground as soon as you enter the door. This is personal experience. There are toys, bite, no less, toys are very important. If it does not ask, it will bite the owner's shoes and bite the glue. You don’t want to see it bite your sofa or the like.

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