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  1. When it comes into contact with the puppy for the first time, it comes to you automatically and confidently. His eyes are bright and shake your tail. You can believe that it is a normal and healthy puppy. On the contrary, if it approaches it, it hums nose and hides sneaky in the dark place, which is a lonely puppy. If you touch it gently with your hands, it suddenly jumps or barks loudly. This is more fierce, and his personality is more irritable and does not choose.

    Healthy puppies are lively, spiritual, appetite and excretion are normal. Check the following features carefully.
    1, the eyes are bright, flexible. The left and right side of the head use sound to determine whether the auditory hearing is normal.
    2, nasal mirrors are moist, the eyes, ears, and nose are clean and non -secretions, and there is no odor in the ear.
    3, the color of the eye mucosa, the oral mucosa and the tongue rosy but no bloodshot.
    4, the dog's body includes the fur of the limbs and tails on the whole body, and there should be no bald hair, dandruff, exogenous parasites (insects) or itching.
    5, let the puppy stand, touch its whole body, the ribs should be touched but not obvious; the abdomen should not be excessively swollen or swollen; To.
    6, gently raise the small dog tail, the anus and tail are clean.

  2. Little cute smile

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  3. Look at the dog, pick the dog. There are more knowledge here. I try to tell everyone about my experience. If you are inaccurate, please say it in time to avoid misleading newcomers in time.
    The buying dogs can buy in the same city and buy in different places. The seller's identity also has dogs, family breeding, and pet shops. No matter where you buy it, what I say below is greatly helpful to you.
    How to judge whether the puppy is excellent
    1: To say straight spots, a beautiful Teddy, the amount of hair is more, that is the most important.
    2: Secondly, the body type must be square, that is, the body (without the head) and the shoulder height is the best. This Teddy gait is very elegant.
    Teddy with a shoulder height is 2 cm shorter than that of the body, as the other side of the body, the probability of the future -output body formal puppy is still quite high.
    The shoulder height than Teddy with a shorter length of more than 3 cm, the probability of the future -produced Founder puppy is basically small.
    3: The last is the color. If a teddy puppy can be achieved at 2 points (good hair is good), then the color is of course red.
    How to judge whether the puppy is healthy
    buying a dog you like only, natural health is the most important. First of all, see how the puppy's spirit is. Essence If the nose is relatively dry, it is best not to consider it. Put the dog in your hands and feel the weight. The light dog may be a long -term unsatisfactory malnutrition. Such dogs should take more mental care. If it is the first time to raise a dog, if there is no experience, it is recommended not to consider it. Looking at the anus, if the anus is very clean, it means that the dog's feces should be better. If the smell of smell or the anus is dirty, and the surroundings are red, it means that the puppy may be thinned before, and don't consider it. Finally, see if there are dandruff substances, or whether there is a small red envelope on the skin. This is to exclude whether the puppy has fungi, mites and other skin diseases. The ears should also see if it is clean. If the puppy's ears are dirty and smelly, it means that the puppy's ears have ear mites, and don't consider it.
    On how to exclude dyeing dogs
    first holding a puppy, while holding the dog, touching whether the puppy is more skinny, if the muscles are thin, it is best not to consider it, because you don’t know the dog's In the real situation, do n’t look at the flower eyes because of a lot of dogs. At this time, look at the color of the hair roots and the tip. If the color is uniform, 90%of the puppy is a dyed dog. The reason is simple. You root your hair, and the hair root is not black. The dog's hair root and hair tip will not be a color. If the puppy's hair color from the tip to the hair root is a color, and you can't see the depth, so don't consider it. Because it is new hair, the new hair has grown).
    The age of puppy
    general everyone likes to buy puppies, and it is easy to build feelings. So how much the seller said? I ca n’t answer it, it ’s very simple to see ourselves. It’ s very simple. Open the puppy’s mouth and see a few teeth. If there is no teeth, then I can tell you that the puppy’s age is about 30 to 35 days. (It's just a scope), or for 1 month, if the seller tells you that the VIPs have a late teeth late, you can believe that if you say that you have a long teeth for 3 months, then this is purely flicker and you must not believe it. Looking at a deterrent action of the dog, you have to pretend that you do n’t understand. General dogs grow 4 teeth first, and then grow a row of front teeth. Such dogs should be about 2 months. As for the actual age of the dog, there is another way to look at the bottom hair and the mouth of the mouth. If the color of the bottom hair is darker than the color of the fur, then this puppy should be about 3 months. If the mouth is not very sharp, the actual age of the puppy is about 3 months. These are just a reference, not all VIPs adapt.
    Preconditions to go home for breeding
    The dogs just bought should be taken care of carefully due to changes in the environment. Puppy dog ​​food should be soaked in about 2 months. Eat hard dog food completely. It takes 3 meals to 4 meals a day. If you eat less meals, the puppy's gastrointestinal system will not work overload, and the feces that are pulled should also be formed. Feed on time and feed according to quantity. You cannot feed without restrictions because of excessive doting, which will only harm your dog. The dogs bought by the dogs are generally 28 days after birth. Wait until 45 days of injection of 4 couplets, 4 units of 3 stitches for 20 days. When the puppy is 85 days, it is equivalent to the vaccine that the vaccine is basically completed at 3 months. This puppy's early work is basically done. The puppy's deworming is also done. The deworming medicine is recommended to use Qi 100, because the puppy's weight has strict requirements, the dose of insect repellent should not be too much, and too much can cause death. It should be that dogs need to be deworming once a month. The dogs within 6 months of the next 6 to 3 months will be done every 2 to 3 months. Dogs of more than 6 months can be done once every 3 months. The effect of half a year is better.
    This are basically some tasks before buying dogs. What I said may be inaccurate or incomplete. I hope that when you see something wrong, you hope to point out that you hope that everyone can make up. I hope that friends who do n’t understand should not be fooled.

    This is the most comprehensive summary, I hope to help you^_^

  4. 1. The eyes are bright and flexible. The left and right side of the head use sound to determine whether the auditory hearing is normal.
    2. Nasal mirrors are moist, the eyes, ears, and nose are clean and non -secretions, and there is no odor in the ear.
    3. Eye mucosa, oral mucosa and tongue color rosy but no bloodshot.
    4. The small dogs include the fur of the limbs and tails on the whole body, and should not be bald, dandruff, external parasites (insects) or itching.
    5. Let the puppy stand and touch its whole body. The ribs should be touched but not obvious; the abdomen should not be excessively swollen or swollen; To.
    6. Gently raise the small dog tail, the anus and tail are clean.
    7. By playing, running and jumping, the puppy's actions are normal, flexible, without clamor.
    8. Observe whether they are active and happy.
    9. Will it not eat?
    10. Whether the nose has nose water (the nose should be humid).
    11 Whether the skin has red dots.
    12. Is there secretions in the eyes?
    13. Is there a cough?
    14. Whether the teeth are healthy.
    15. There are signs of diarrhea in the anus.
    16. Plug the hair of the neck and leg ditch to see if there is a pinhole. If so, it may be stimulant; it depends on whether the color of the skin is pink.
    17. It is a very shallow point. The healthy dog ​​should be flat on the back, stand up the chest and raise his tail.
    It as if there is no problem, then it represents the health of dogs.

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