5 thoughts on “How to wash white dog hair”

  1. 1. Use the hair washing liquid to take a bath with a dog first, and then wipe it on the yellow hair.
    2. Wash the towel thoroughly and wipe the hair clean.
    3, finally blow dry with a fan.
    In two months, it will slowly turn white. This is also very important for tears. Some dogs flowing tears are red, which is another factor in the yellow hair of the dog.

    Extension information:
    Puels will be raised in some pets, and cats and dogs may be raised at the same time. The pet owner must not use the cat bathing incense wave to use the cat's bath for the dog. After all, the cat's skin is the opposite of the dog's skin. Dogs and hair are harmed.
    So the pet owner can use a fun dog fragrance when bathing the dog. No matter what color of dogs, or dogs of any dog, it is not suitable for human bath liquid.
    Because most of the human laundry fluids are alkaline, if the long -term use of dogs can make the dog's skin easily damage, thereby increasing dandruff and redness. So the pet owner should not give it a human bath for the health of the dog.

  2. The solution to the white dog hair becomes dirty and yellow is as follows:
    1. Go to buy pet bath liquid. The white hair dog is dedicated.
    2. According to the above method, wash the dog once a week, the hair color will slowly turn white.
    3. Let dogs develop good behavior habits.

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