1 thought on “How can I get a pet dog on a bus?”

  1. Large dogs are still small dogs. Large dogs are more difficult to do, small medium -sized, you can go up casually. Take a car, don't from the bus station, from the station, the security inspection personnel will definitely not let you bring it. You have to make a good phone call in advance, and make an appointment with him. If you get on the car, the general fare will be lower. Then you will You can take your dog directly to the car, and the driver will not care. Of course, large dogs will also make drivers embarrassed.
    If the buses are not allowed, it is recommended to take the following methods: First, go to the same city or catch up on the Internet to see if there are carpooling or ride, you can take a dog with a private car, which is more convenient. Second, if you can't find a ride, you can go directly to the high -speed intersection to wait for the car. Many bus or private car passed along the way are willing to take you for a long time, the price is not expensive, and the price is the same as the regular ticket price. Third, if you can drive, you can go to rent a car. Fourth, there are several logistics companies that can consign their lives. The logistics company is too troublesome, and basically does not include life. It is not recommended to consignment!
    I I have brought the dog several times to take a long -distance car. If you have any questions, ask me again ~

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