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  1. 1. Cats of one to three months, do not feed dry cat food at will, because the gastrointestinal development of the kitten is not fully developed, and it cannot accept dry and hard cat food. Especially the kitten for a month or two should be the main goat milk powder, and it is supplemented by other liquid food. It is best to choose a cat's milk powder for cats.
    2. Cats that have adapted to dried cat food for more than three months, in addition to cat food, you need to eat some cooked meat foods for cats, and you can also make some fruits and vegetables to feed, such as apple puree, supplementing Vitamin. In the choice of cat food, you should also choose cat food containing vitamins and cellulose. Of course, you can also cooperate with some cats, cat biscuits, etc. Remember to choose the taste that cats like to like cats, otherwise cats do not like to eat, then it will be fat.

    Whats of kittens to eat faster

    3. During the growing process, cats need protein, fat, vitamins, and various trace elements. Nutritional adequate supplementation of nutrition. In daily life, remember not to feed cat food or only meat, but also need other nutrients to cooperate. For example, poor stomachs require probiotic conditioning; dry hair and frosted can be improved with lecithin; Essence

    4. Feeding nutrition cream

    If you want to raise a cat, you must replenish the nutrition you need. Eat some nutrient creams for cats to supplement nutrition, promote growth and development, and enhance immunity.

  2. The kitten eats breast milk when weaning. After weaning, eat milk cake and cat food with goat milk powder. The nutritional content of milk cake and cat food is high, which can supplement the energy consumed by cats a day. At the same time, cats are carnivorous animals, and they can feed some chicken breasts and raw beef, cooked egg yolk, nutrition cream and other supplementary foods. However, feeding raw beef must be removed every month to avoid infection with parasites.

  3. Eat cat breast milk and cat milk powder, you can also feed chicken breasts and beef. In short, you must digest it, have nutrients, and feed regularly.

  4. I think for kittens, good health is the most important. Don't blindly pursue him. Is it fast? First of all, we can match him with some more nutritious ones.

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