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  1. The hot dog we eat.
    Because hot dogs are food, not animals.
    but it also has dog characters, but he will not call, just a kind of food we eat, and a kind of food that young people like now, the name is also called hot dog, so only hot dogs will not be able to do it. The other dogs will be called.
    This rush turn originated in ancient India. It means that when thinking encounters special obstacles, we must quickly leave the usual thinking and think about the problem from other aspects.
    It now refers to some intelligent questions and answers that cannot be answered with ordinary ideas.
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  2. Hot dogs will not call. Because hot dogs are a way of eating ham sausage. The entire bread or sandwiches with grilled intestines is called hot dogs. There is no connection with the dog itself, just a name for bread.
    The ingredients when eating hot dogs can be matched with many types of ingredients. There are other changes in hot dogs. The migrants are called "cheese hot dogs", or "cheese dogs" directly. The spicy meat sauce (chili) is called "spicy dog".
    The first two are called "Spicy Cheese Dogs". The fried hot dog wrapped in corn paste, and the small bamboo stick is called corn dog. Affected by different dietary habits in various places, hot dogs use different materials and traditionally use Frankfurt sausages.

    extension information

    The first appeared in hot dogs in the 1950s in the 1950s, a bread in Frankfurt, Germany A kind of sausage made of pork and beef mixed. But Hot Dog was a famous taught Toms a few years later.
    It the first use of the cartoonist. He drew a comic of the sausage that stretched out his tongue like a dog heat, named "HOT DOG" like a dog heat. So the name of the hot dog spread. Over time, hot dogs are also from pure sausages.
    The type of hot dogs:
    1, Cincinnati
    The hot dog menu created by chef Daniel Wright, such as Croque Madame, made of black forest ham, poached eggs, seasonings and lindsey lohan. , Caramel, onion, smoked meat, sesame vegetables and vinegar.
    2, CRIF DOGS
    Brian Shero and Chris Antista ingeniously use the frying dog in the form of fried dogs, crispy and delicious, with bacon, avocado, cream, cheese, fried eggs. Its menu has many styles and complete types.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Hot Dog
    Reference Data Source: People's Daily-American Top Ten American Delicious Hot Dogs

  3. Dogs will be called, which is inevitable. It's just that some breeds don't like to bark, such as Jacheti, Big Barr, Baille, Labrador, Chow Chow, Butterfly Dog. And some small dogs, such as Teddy, Bomei, Chihuahua and other dog species. Because of their small size and weak sense of security, they prefer it.
    The least loved dogs: big white bears, Rowella, butterfly dogs, Jacheti, Berne Mountain, Tibetan mastiff, Afghanistan, Barca, Sherry, Biexiong, of course, if it is a brain turbulent turning, If it is, it is that toy dogs will not scream!
    . The dog with the greatest experience:
    This can be card, bull fighting, Saabi, chowos, Beijing dog, Lingti, Soe Russia, Dubai, Big dog
    Second, the most experienced dog:
    Dabai bear, butterfly dog, Xisic, Husky, Berne Mountain, Damaicho, Marzis, Samoyed, Bian Mu, Afghanistan n, saliva, saliva King:
    British bullfighting, Baggido, San Bernard, Chow Chow, Dubin, Saabi, the United States Keka, Shihi, Tibetan mastiff, Rowidea n 4. The least saliva dog:
    Butterfly, Bomei, VIPs, Sherry, Big Bear, Chihuahua, Mini Dubin, Labrado, Husky, Jachai N 5. The favorite dog:
    York Xia, Xigao, VIPs, Chihuawa, Sausal, Big Dog, Bomei, Beijing Dog, Soviet Russia, German Mu
    , the most likely dogs:
    Butterfly dogs, Jacheti, Berne Mountains, Tibetan mastiffs, Afghanistan, Barca, Sherry, Barnar
    Seven, the favorite dogs:
    , Bomei, Shi Shi, Niu Tou Standard, Silver Fox, Beijing Dog, Soviet Russian Wolf Hunter Dog
    Eight, the least hairless dog:
    Xia, VIPs, Pasar, Sherry, Bear, West Highland, Fox Hunting Stalk

  4. 你好,如果你喜欢不爱叫的狗狗呢,那就要买性格稳重,举止高雅的狗狗,金毛(首选)美卡、松狮、比熊、喜乐蒂、拉不拉多、银狐、 Big white bear,

    This dogs Bomei, Husky, VIP, Beijing bar, Satsuma, Chihuahua, British card, spotted, daedo, British cattle n
    overall overall overall In terms of, the dogs they love are generally smaller. Because of their small shape, they are afraid of people who are afraid of people. Dogs with a larger body shape are relatively stable and feel like no threat. From birth to old dogs, it is not easy to find

  5. Dogs with abnormal sound straps cannot make sounds or have acoustic cord resection surgery the day after tomorrow.
    The dogs will be called, unless the dogs who have abnormal sounds that are unusual or cannot make sounds or have acoustic cord resection surgery the day after tomorrow, they may not make a cry. In addition, there are only dogs that are relatively disliked. Usually quieter dog varieties are some dogs with larger body shapes, such as golden retriever, Labrador dogs, border shepherds and Alaska sled dogs. The degree is relatively low and will not easily lack a sense of security, so it will be relatively quiet.
    Stobic dogs such as poodles, Bomeng and Chihuawa will rely on the owner, and it is easier to lack a sense of security, so it will be more noisy. In addition, the dog's noise is in addition to looking at the variety, it is also related to the character of the dog and the training.

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