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  1. Is it necessary to wear dogs in winter, mainly based on indoor and outdoor temperature differences and dog constitution.
    The normal health dogs, especially long hair dogs, are not needed. But frail dogs, and elderly dogs or puppies, if the weather is cold, it is better to put on some clothes to keep warm.
    In winter, the room is often warmer than the outside of the house, and after the puppy adapts to the temperature of the indoor, if you go outdoors, you may really get sick because of temperature difference. If the dog is relatively weak or puppies, you can wear clothes for the dog at this time, so that it is more warm and reduce the chance of disease. Because of its own hair, long -haired dogs do not need to wear any clothes.
    Extension information:
    In winter dressing for dogs
    winter dogs are directly exposed to pet clothes and hair when they are dressed. Direct friction with pet hair, which produces static electricity, can easily cause itching of the skin, and even cause skin diseases.
    In winter dogs should choose some fabrics with good breathability when choosing clothes. Do not buy too tight clothes to prevent pets from being unhappy during exercise. If the dog develops the habit of dressing for a long time, it will reduce your own immunity. Therefore, if you want your dog to spend a warm winter, the best way is to let the dog go out to exercise more.
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  2. Now this era is poppys, dogs are dressed, walking on the street, women wear less, but dogs hold more and more cute than one in their hands. In the end, we wear dogs for dogs to be good or bad for dogs. Let's analyze it in detail. Today, the editor of Somann's pet goat milk powder will take a look at the benefits and disadvantages of dogs to wear clothes.
    The benefits of dog wearing clothes

    1, cold prevention insulation
    In this case, it must be dressed in the dog, which is related to its health. For example, Chihuahua, mini Dubin, such as dogs with small size and low fat content, and very young or old dogs, they are more afraid of cold and weak resistance. It is best to put on clothes when you go out, which can reduce the chance of their illness.
    2, cleaning needs
    This does not need to take a bath often, always bathing may cause their skin problems. So when it is relatively dirty outside, wearing clothes can keep them clean for a long time, and also reduce the burden of parents.
    3, protective body table
    It is also good when wearing a dog out to play, for example, taking dogs to climb mountains in autumn to avoid too much from the dog's body to bring too much back to the dog's body Plants can also prevent insects from climbing into the dog's hair.
    The disadvantages of dogs in clothes

    1. Causes skin diseases
    although there is no problem with long hair dogs, the fabric's friction of the epidermis may be possible It will cause dog's skin diseases, such as allergies, itching, peeling, etc. And wearing clothes can easily ignore some problems on the surface of the dog's body. Unknown clothes may limit the dog's actions and wear the skin.
    2. The knot of long hair dogs
    The dogs who often wear clothes are obviously more parts of them do not wear clothes. For example, the part of the armpit, the neck, and the shoulder straps, because the clothes are pressed tightly, plus friction, it is easy to form a woolen ball. Essence
    knows the benefits and disadvantages of dogs to wear clothes, and the dog owner can decide whether the dog needs to wear clothes according to the dog type, season and travel.

  3. Advantages and disadvantages to wear dogs
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  4. In winter, if the weather is relatively cold, you need to wear clothes.

    If it is not particularly cold, only dogs with less hair, poor health, and younger dogs need to wear clothes.
    If the cold winter is not good for dogs, the main focus of maintenance should be cold -proof insulation. Properly adjust the feeding of Champions League dog food, supplement the dogs with sufficient calories, and enhance the dog's physique.
    It should be noted that if the dog's skin is uncomfortable, such as skin diseases, at this time it is not suitable for dogs to wear clothes, which will make its skin breathable.

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