5 thoughts on “What should I do if the dog is frightened and does not eat after being frightened?”

  1. The methods are as follows:
    1, first create a comfortable and safe space for the dog, do not be disturbed by the outside world, and then prepare a blanket for it to let it lie up and help it slowly eliminate the fear of the outside world.
    2, have enough patience, touch your dog more, treat it gently.
    3, the food that dogs like, lure it, slowly touch the dog, hold the dog in their arms, coax it like a child, encourage it, and guide it to re -understand the world.
    4, put a relaxed and soothing music, soothe it as much as possible. You also have to buy a small ball and other toys, play with it, tease it.

  2. First check whether the dog is injured. The dog is more sensitive to strong light and loud noise, and the dog has the awareness of death, that is, it knows what is going on. Unbearable things are excessively associated.
    It care about it to appease it. Let it drink water if necessary. If you do n’t eat for a long time, take him to the pet clinic (regular) to see, and give him infusion if necessary to supplement nutritional ingredients. You can hug it more, talk to it more, and try to disperse its attention. Playing more with it, I believe it is normal after a while. Of course, other reasons are not ruled out. If it is not effective, you can find professional veterinary medicines.

  3. As long as it is slowly recovering, it is okay. It should not eat it like before. It doesn't matter. When the dog is frightened or very tired, it will be like this. Just be around. Wait for it to be emotionally stable, everything is OK.

  4. First of all, dogs will not take the initiative to take medicine. You can twist the medicine into powder, and a little water, pour it down
    Secondly, do not feed ordinary milk. For dogs, milk is not easy to digest. Eat some skimmed milk
    Finally: Check whether there is a bone stuck in the throat, so that the situation is very serious, you need to perform surgery

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