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  1. The meeting

    The bitterly bite by home -raising pet dogs will also be infected with rabies. The dog is a crazy dog. However, the doctor table

    shows that when the dog is carrying rabies virus, there may not be symptoms of crazy dogs. Once the disease occurs, the mortality rate is 100%. The shortest period is 4 days, the longest 25 years, usually 1 month to 3 months. Therefore, even with a very good home -raising pet dog, the owner

    needs to be strictly controlled.

    In some people think that it doesn't matter if they are caught by the puppy's claws. The doctor pointed out that even if the dog "licks the tongue, grab the claws

    grabs", the wound Breaking, the virus can also be infected. Generally, the closer to the brain, the more dangerous. Once the wound is itchy, it is likely to be the early manifestation of

    Is in the early stage of rabies. In the excitement period, patients will show irritability, afraid of wind and fear of the wind and fear Symptoms such as water, excitement.

    The misunderstanding Pet dogs without rabies virus?

    In early vaccine injection, the better, the better r
    It personal views, I hope it will be useful to you, thank you

  2. Also, bleeding must be used in time to take rabies vaccine

    Ber rabies disease is caused by rabies virus, humans will also be infected by rabies bitten by rabies. You can also spread. Its characteristic symptoms are the phenomenon of fear of water, that is, when drinking water, the patient will have swallow muscle spasm, and the water cannot swallow. Then the patient's mouth is thirsty and dare not drink water, so it is also known as water terror. Data show that rabies have patronized more than 100 countries in the world and took the lives of tens of millions of people. Most rabies of human rabies are infected with animal bite (scratching) of animal bite (scratching). The incubation period is short to 10 days, as long as 2 years or longer, generally 31 to 60 days, and 15 % occur after 3 months. Seeing the distance from the central nervous system and the degree of biting the central nervous system, or the infection of the virus infection, the virus is infected with the virus. Dose varies. Rabies mortality is extremely high. Once almost all of them die, there are only several surviving reports in the world. However, after being bitten by a rabies, if you can prevent injections in time, you can almost avoid the onset. Therefore, it is very important to vigorously popularize the knowledge of rabies and enable the bite to receive early vaccine injection. Rabies are spread all over the world, and China still occurs. Because there is also a disease in wild animals, it is very difficult to completely eliminate it, but it can greatly reduce the incidence if it can be managed by managing good dogs. Rabies often have a short front -wheel drive period, about 1 day to 4 days, manifested as moderate fever, discomfort, loss of appetite, headache, nausea, etc.; Increased sexuality, chest compression, chest pain, and air flow terror, that is, when the face blows the face, it can cause muscle spasm of the throat. This is a typical symptom that helps diagnose. The wound parts have pain or various strange feelings. Some patients are accompanied by the stress of light, noise and sensation, and usually show higher muscle tone and facial muscle spasm. After damage to the sympathetic nervous system, sweat, saliva, mania, anxiety, spasm pain muscle contraction occurs, and muscle spasm in the throat and other parts during swallowing and fear of drinking water, so it is also called water terrorism. Within 14 days after the symptoms, patients often died of secondary respiratory respiratory and heart failure after spasm. Rabies have vaccines for prevention, but effective treatment without special differences, more than 90 % of patients will die after the onset, so prevention of prevention is essential.

  3. Some pet dogs are bite, but generally do not bite people, some are bite because they are small. Pet dogs who see more people will not bite. I also like to touch the dog. Before you touch them, you can give them friendly eyes before you touch them, and let them know that you will not threaten it, and you will not be bitten. The dog can understand people’s eyes.

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