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  1. 1. Pets are natural emotional regulators. With cats and dogs, or watching the fish for 15-30 minutes, it can reduce the pressure.

    2. Stabilize blood pressure. A study shows that playing with pet dogs can prevent children from suffering from hypertension.

    3. reduce cholesterol. A new study found that pets help reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Of course, pet owners should also pay attention to lifestyles such as diet exercise.

    4. Pet cats and dogs are beneficial to the heart. A 20 -year study found that the mortality rate of heart disease is 40%higher than those who have no pet cats. Another study found that pet dogs can increase the survival rate after heart disease.

    5. Treatment of depression. Pets will tirelessly listen to the owner.

    6. Good fitness. Walking the dog for 30 minutes a day can meet the minimum standard of exercise, and the chance of obesity is lower.

    7. Fitness partners. Exercise with pets can be "win -win", such as lifting cats as dumbbells and practicing yoga with dogs.

    8. Pet cats have more calm effects than other animals, can promote blood circulation and reduce stroke risks.

    9. Promote interpersonal communication between the owners and reduce loneliness.

    10. Reduce children's allergies and enhance immunity.

    11. Cats to prevent children with asthma.

    12. As a "snack alarm clock" as a diabetic patient. Some pet dogs (about 1/3) can smell the changes in certain chemicals of the owner's body, and send a warning before the owner's blood glucose drops, allowing the owner to supplement the food in time to avoid danger.

    13. Pet dogs can alleviate patients' tension and other excitement, which is often used for psychotherapy.

    14. Good partner for cancer treatment. Cats and dogs are extremely similar to humans and have a great practical effect on the study of cats and dog cancer.

    15. Treatment of children's dynamics. Playing with pets with pets can promote children's sleep and enhance self -confidence.

    16. Treatment of children's autism. Together with pets can stimulate children's touch, hearing, smell, etc., and enhance attention.

    17. Walking the dog can strengthen the bones. Walking dogs help accept more sunlight and increase vitamin D in the body.

    18. Stick up with cats to prevent arthritis.

    19. Treatment of arthritis with pet dogs. If your pet dogs are arthritis, you can exercise with pets and take medicine at the same time.

    20. Horse riding helps to recover from stroke patients.

    21. Relief. Wolves such as walking with pets or throwing flying disks can relieve rheumatism.

    22. The heat produced by the dog's body has a "heat therapy" effect on patients with chronic pain.

    23. Help children with epilepsy. Once the child develops, the special dog training will "alarm" in time.

    24. Help Parkinson's patient. Dogs that have been trained can open doors, close doors, and help the owner to maintain their physical balance, etc., so they can help Parkinson's patients with patients with independent lives.

    25. Improve the quality of life of patients with speech. Special dogs can understand special instructions, which can improve the condition of patients with aphasia, enhance their confidence in life, and improve the quality of life.

    26. Patients with calmness. In this regard, cats are better than dogs.

    27. Pet auxiliary therapy. The interaction between patients in the clinic and nursing homes can help improve patient emotions.

  2. 1. Less illness

    The people who are raising dogs are less sick. It sounds nonsense, but this is found after research. It is currently stipulating that people who do not keep pets often get along with dogs can enhance their resistance, and it feels like health products ... but usually pay more attention to the hygiene of pets and home environment.

    2. Anti -allergies

    Some families think that pets can cause children to be allergic, and they choose to abandon them, but in fact, contacting dogs or cats every day can significantly reduce infant affected infant problems. The incidence of respiratory tract infection also reduces the probability of allergies.

    3. Mood becomes better

    Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings, and they can detect people's emotions. When you are sad and sad, the dog will be close to you to comfort you. When you are happy, they shake their tails and laugh at you. Studies have shown that as long as the cute dogs appear in front of them, everything that is not open immediately is behind.

    4. The heart is healthier

    can dog breeding can make the heart healthier? You read it right. This is also found in research, because when people touch dogs, they feel soothing people's minds, which can effectively reduce blood pressure. And often getting along with dogs can reduce the rate of heartbeat of the human body, which is good for people's health.

    5. Increase the amount of exercise

    This is the consensus of everyone. Raising dogs often walks dogs. When you go out, you will increase a lot of exercise, and your body will naturally be healthy. And usually make some games with dogs, run, play, play with them, or exercise by the way. This game time is very important for dogs, they enjoy any moment with the owner.

    6. Social life is more active

    The people who raised dogs are more trustworthy than ordinary people in society. They can increase the positive energy of the soul with dogs. The Sunshine Exhibition will be infected with you, which will stimulate and increase your chances of interaction with others.

    7. Detection of cancer

    The dog's nose is very sensitive. They can smell the chemicals in them when the blood sugar is reduced by diabetic patients. And they are very magical to smell cancer cells, and some dogs will specialize in cancer detection dogs.

    8. Reflect that you yourself

    What kind of person and what kind of dogs are raised. It is not a sleeping position, but a personality. Your personality is very obvious with the breeds of dogs. For example, people who like to play dogs are scientifically smarter, and children's paper for working dogs is more conscientious. Agree with a hand.

    9. The pressure of the work is reduced

    Peremia people who interact with animal interaction can reduce the pressure and improve work satisfaction and efficiency. With dogs accompanied, seeing their lovely appearance, all the pressure and troubles of life will be reduced immediately.

    10. Help you see home

    since ancient times, dogs have been a good player in the home care home, and they have to help you see home, and wait for you to go home faithfully. One of the motivation for shit officers to go home. When you see them at home, they shake their tails and welcome you. This kind of warmth can only be appreciated.

  3. There are a lot of benefits to raising dogs. It can give the owner a pastime time to do some simple small housework, and it can also bring happiness to the owner, so that the owner will speak when he is in a bad mood.

  4. There are many benefits to raising dogs. Like your own situation, dogs can accompany you, and when you are too lazy to move, you can let the dog help you get things. Of course, this is you training your dog training You can do it when you are obedient

  5. The benefits of raising dogs are quite a lot. For example, dog breeding can solve your own sense of loneliness, heal your heart, and make yourself happy if you raise dogs. These are benefits.

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