How can I let pets die quickly?

Pets have been sick for a long time, but they are not dead and annoying. Is there any more magical way?

4 thoughts on “How can I let pets die quickly?”

  1. If you eat more, he will kill him
    and then let him work
    . If you get sick, just give him a medicine
    R n Basically died in one day

    Methods: Feed, feed a lot of
    Method two: Ignore it for a long time (minimize it, then do not use the mouse to order it)

    This above method will make it sick, and then give it to treat it, sell the wrong medicine, such as seeing the symptoms like a cold, but buying other medicines for it, if it is a method, you can continue to feed, if so Method 2 still ignore it, and it will die soon.

    Sugs to work in the dead (but it is a pity not to get the money). After working, you will not give me the meal and do n’t give a bath (the poor pet is not right you ... …), I do n’t give medicine (or give the wrong medicine) when I get sick.
    Preferred conditions: LZ, you can be hard -hearted ...

    This, there is a way to starve to death: What martial arts meeting to go to the community? Intersection The faster you lose, the faster you die ...

  2. Don't feed it first, and then eat a lot of things when you starve to death, eat 100%full, get sick, then give it cool oil, what messy medicine, then hung
    crazy Working, not eating when you are hungry, dirty and not bathing, and hanging for a long time, you die (mine is died like this)

  3. If it is not sick, let it work desperately, hungry, do not give him food, and do n’t help him take a bath, so he will die soon! Intersection Intersection

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