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  1. In real life or work and study, everyone has written compositions, and they must be familiar with various compositions. The composition can be divided into elementary school composition, middle school composition, and university composition (thesis). You can't write when you write? The following is a composition about my hometown topics that I collect and organized. I hope to help everyone.
    The composition about the topic of hometown 1 last summer vacation, my mother and my father went to my hometown to visit relatives. My hometown is in a remote place. The mountains are not high, the water is unclear, and there is no fascinating monument. Therefore, this is a very ordinary small village.
    , however, this time returning to my hometown, the soil of my hometown, the land of my hometown, everything in my hometown has changed. In just a few years, my hometown has changed, and it is no longer the poor hometown.
    As soon as I entered the village entrance, I saw a straight and flat cement road leading to the village. This road has changed, and it is no longer the rugged path before, which surprised me.
    With this road, we came to the village. "Wow" I can't help but shout, but the scene in front of me is really unexpected. The new brick housing of the brick and tiles of two or three floors replace the disabled and the old is not like the old. bungalow. There are various green trees and lawns on both sides of the road. Motorcycles and cars will be available on the corners of the streets and alleys in the village. Everyone in my hometown has a smile on the face of the hometown. This is really prosperous and prosperous.
    We we walked and came to Lily's house. I wanted to turn around, but Lily pulled my hand and said that I wanted me to visit her "changing home", I remember, she, she, she, she The home in the village can be regarded as the poorest in the village. However, this time I came to her home. The newly repaired brick house, the garden -style courtyard, and two new bicycles were discharged. I also said to her happily: "Lily, you used to want a bicycle the most, and now you finally pay for it." In the evening, Lili stayed with dinner, but I remembered that they had eaten noodles and potatoes before, so they quit, but Lily must have tasted it. I had to sit down and make dinner. This time I saw not potatoes and noodles, but chicken, fish, and some green dishes. There are no joy.
    shortly after, I bid farewell to the village, looked back, and sighed from the heart: "Changed, everything in my hometown has changed.
    The composition about the topic of hometown 2 knife noodles is a well -known flavor snack in Shanxi. Unique flavor and unique production method, and among the "Five Food Foods", it enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad.
    The knife noodles are definitely full of color and flavor snacks. It is thin and wide, immersed in the delicious soup with a strong fragrant fragrant, plus a few pieces of red -roasted pork belly with light brilliance
    , and then green green vegetables, light yellow tofu skin and a small piece of slices A small piece of coriander is scattered, which is really coveted.
    The approach of knife noodles is very interesting, which is named after it is unusual -knife. Rub a dough first, knead, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, and softness. Knead until the surface is smooth and flat. Then hold the dough with your left hand and hold a special arc -shaped knife with your right hand. One leaf is connected to one leaf, such as the meteor rushing the moon
    , the white arc is drawn in the air, and the "fluttering" fell into the soup pot. The soup rolled the noodles. Baby fish, swimming in the water freely, is really interesting! When the hot air knife noodles come out of the pan, pour different marinade according to personal taste, a bowl of delicious dishes with a bowl of fragrance It is done.
    The tasting the knife noodles is also a knowledge. I always lick a licking and mellow marinade first.
    This to feel its delicious taste, then pinch three or two noodles and a pork belly, put it, put Chew it slowly in the mouth, taste the smooth, soft and non -sticky knife noodles, and the tender and delicious pork belly. The rich breath echoed in the mouth, and then swept the marinade and waited. It was the oil that left without all.
    Remember that because I was in a hurry to eat pork belly, I did not stabilize the chopsticks, "flutter", the pork belly was sent to my face at once, and the red marinade was also sold on it. After my face, and my face looks like a red rouge, it is red and bright. Since then, I have taken a nice name for the knife noodles- "Rouge Noodles".
    3 The lush and lush and lush shallots are indispensable; the flowers are gorgeous, it is indispensable for it -my hometown. Although it does not have the mighty Yellow River, and there is no clear Lijiang River; although it does not have the majestic Taishan Mountain, and there is no red leaf like a flame -like Xiangshan Mountain However, there is a simple beauty and unique beauty.
    Speaking of my hometown, although it is not a famous town, there is a charming scenery there.
    The hometown in spring, wearing a glorious dress. You see! Some blue colors have been exposed slightly on the branches, a bunch of rhododendrons are brilliant, and the birds that can be heard outside the window began to hear. It was the song that the bird was singing in the spring! In the pastoral of my hometown, everything is born and beautiful. Under the sunlight of the sun The creek in the hometown seemed to be clearer, the microwave was rippling, and the golden light was glowing. The hometown of spring looks vibrant and energetic.
    The hometown in summer is covered with lush summer clothes. In the early morning, bees were busy picking honey. In the afternoon, I knew it long on the tree. At night, he sang in the grass. There are ponds in my hometown, the lotus flowers are booming, and the dragonflies fly all over the sky. It is really "the small lotus is only exposed to sharp corners, and the dragonfly stands up." Children in their hometown enjoy joy in the lotus pond: swimming, touching fish, catching shrimp, and picking ravioli.
    File in the autumn hometown, wearing golden red and solemn evening dresses. In the fields of my hometown, there are gold and red fruits everywhere. The leaves on both sides of the street fell, and the sound of "簌簌" was made. The autumn of the hometown is a mature season, the season of harvest, the full season, and the seeding season.
    The winter in the hometown is beautiful, but there is no elegant scenery of snowflakes, and the magnificent scenery of the snow everywhere, only the beautiful river, the ancient bridges, decorated with the hometown.
    The spring ushered in summer, summer ushered in autumn, autumn ushered in winter, and winter ushered in spring. First, because I love the four seasons of my hometown, and my hometown.
    This is my hometown -Jiangmen.
    The composition about hometown topics 4 Where do you like best? Hangzhou on earth? Stone City Nanjing? Capital Beijing? Bingcheng Harbin? Quancheng Jinan? Spring City Kunming? Yangcheng Guangzhou? Kite Du Weifang ,,, my favorite place is my hometown Guanxian.
    Gangxian is located on the west side of Dongchangfu District, Liaocheng. The reason why I like it is because it is not only my hometown, but also a history of two thousand years!
    has a river in Guanxian, called Qingquan River, which is beautiful. As soon as spring, the Qingquan River was full of flowers, and many birds screamed happily. In the summer, a gorgeous flower appeared in the lush grass. In autumn, the leaves fell one after another, showing a beautiful autumn scenery. In winter, snowflakes are covered with the river, like a soft quilt, which is very beautiful.
    has a martial arts in Guanxian. A long time ago, two Hui messengers fled to Zhang Yinzhuang Village, Guanxian County, and the villagers carefully took care of them. Soon after, in order to repay the villagers' kindness, they taught the villagers a set of boxing skills. The two messenger surnamed a surname and a surname was slippery, so the villagers called it called Chaqu. Now, this set of boxing has become a national intangible cultural heritage, and Zhang Yinzhuang is still my hometown!
    Guanxian is the first Lili Township in China. Every time the flowers bloom, the white pear blossoms are full of branches, like snow. In autumn, the fruit came out, golden golden and beautiful. The taste is good, crispy, sweet. Many Chinese and foreign tourists come to watch and taste every year.
    ! My hometown is so beautiful, I love my hometown!
    The recommendation of the teacher's eyebrows and reviews:
    The article is clear and beautiful, and the characteristics of Guanxian are well introduced. It is great to use the writing method of contrasting lining. Why is our favorite place in Guanxian? From the aspects of Guanxian's location, landscape, humanities history, etc., the progressive structure of Guanxian is tight.
    The composition about my hometown topic 5 I have two hometown, Xiangshan and Suzhou. My favorite is my second hometown Suzhou.
    It in spring we came to Jintang Lake Park in Suzhou, where there is a large lake. Under the sun of the sun, the lake surface is like a polished mirror. Every spring, there are all kinds of flowers next to the lake, and they seem to be the most beautiful. The birds are in various ways, some fly freely in the sky, some dance in the sky, and some are singing. They are also like singing spring girls welcomes you. Spring girls welcome you and welcome you.
    The summer, the sun is inflamed, and the sun is like a red fireball, which brings energy to all things. The night is approaching. The Sun Gong is like off work and returned home immediately. At night, we came to Citizen Park. There were autumn thousands, slides and small ponds. There were many small tadpoles in the small ponds. Sometimes I held a small barrel. Come and catch a few small tadpoles home with Xiaopi Pang, but Xiao Yan raised it for more than 20 days and they died. For this reason, I would be sad for a long time.
    It autumn we came to the Liuhe River near my house. The Liuhe River was the starting point of Zheng He's going to the west, filled with the vicissitudes of history. The Liuhe is like a sharp knife, punishing evil, and like a blue giant snake. The northwestern wind scrapes it. The branches of the willow tree dance in the wind. Began to sort out his hair.
    In winter, sometimes the goose feather is snowing, the lake is frozen, some people skate freely on the lake, some people dance on the lake, some people do exercise on the lake, and there are still The people of the lake pile up snowmen and snow fights ...
    Suzhou is so beautiful!
    The composition about my hometown topic 6 My hometown is in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, a beautiful and rich fish and rice hometown. Here, there are famous "San Mountains", beautiful scenery; here, there are cultural monuments left over from all generations of various dynasties, with a long history. Zhenjiang's specialty has the famous "three monsters": the vinegar is not bad, the meat is not dish, and the lid is boiled in the pan. What I want to introduce to you now is the "pot lid" of "boiled pots in the noodles".
    It said that the cover of this pot originated in the middle of the Qing Dynasty and appeared when the Emperor Qianlong went down to the south of the river. If you do n’t understand this legend, then please listen to me carefully
    It in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, when the Emperor Qianlong went to Jiangnan micro -service private visit, he traveled all the way, enjoyed the beauty, and came to a small town of Jiangnan -Zhenjiang. At noon one day, Emperor Qianlong felt hungry, and came to a noodle restaurant. He asked for a bowl of noodles and waited for a long time before he sent it. He tasted it and immediately felt that this was different from what he ate in the palace: this side was extremely refreshing and not greasy. The noodles in the palace are oily and not flavored. After he finished eating, he took a look at the kitchen and found that there was a small pot in this pot! Qianlong was very puzzled, so he asked the boss why he put a small pot in the pot. The boss only found out that it was accidentally, and put the small camphor lid on the soup tank wrong into the noodle pot. Inadvertently, Zhenjiang's "pot lid" was born. It turns out that this camphor pot can absorb the oil in the pot on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can emit the fragrance of camphor wood, so this noodles are so delicious! Qianlong said: "Since there is a pot cover in the noodles, then give this noodle a name‘ pot lid noodles ’!” After that, it made people take out the four treasures of the study room for this inscription. Later, Zhenjiang pot lid was popular.
    This is the origin of Zhenjiang pot lid. If you want to know the history of the other two strange monsters, please come to Zhenjiang. I will take you to visit Zhenjiang's famous monuments and introduce you in detail the other two "strange"!
    The composition about my hometown topic 7 My hometown was a very quiet and beautiful place. There is no roar of the machine in the factory, and the hustle and bustle of the big city. A clear Xiaohe sang a monotonous song all year round flowing from the front of my house to the distance. Every summer, I go to the river to catch fish with my friends. Occasionally catch some small tadpoles in the pool to make them a strong frog. Xiaohe in my hometown has naturally become the deepest place in my memory.
    The year I went to school, my house moved elsewhere. In this way, with a reluctant nostalgia, I left this land that had brought infinite joy to my childhood.
    This time is so fast. In a blink of an eye, I have left my hometown for more than five years. A few months ago, I finally had the opportunity to return to my hometown again with my dad.
    Although he heard that his father said that his hometown had changed a lot before leaving, people's living standards were much higher than before, but I was surprised by the changes here in the car. It turns out that the low rows of bungalows in the memory are now replaced by neatly tidy buildings; several less wide sheep intestine paths now become flat and wide cement avenues; and the small small small patronage I often patronize. The store has now become a large supermarket. My dad and I have experienced the rapid development here while buying things.
    In out of the supermarket, Dad pointed to a open space not far ahead and said to me, "Do you remember here?" I looked at my dad's fingers, it was a big leisure square. There are a lot of people in the square, some are dancing, some are playing chess, some are flying kites, and some are sitting around the old locust tree around the square, eating and laughing. I certainly remember here that in the past, this open space was the only place in my hometown to entertain at that time. Every year, my hometown's annual basketball game was played on this humble venue. Today, the basketball frame hanging on the old locust tree has been removed. Only those old locust trees are still silently witnessed the turmoil here in the breeze!
    The changes in my hometown surprised me, and even more proud of me! Bless you, my hometown, I hope your tomorrow is better!
    The composition about the topic of hometown 8 spring is here. There are pink peach blossoms, snow -white Lihua, and golden rapeseed flowers, but my favorite is the orchid in my hometown.
    A orchids in the hometown are open in March, which belongs to herbal plants. Clusters of growth in the shrub forest. The petiole is green. Some look like leeks, some look like malt, and others look like that, but no matter what the long style and form are finished, spring, summer, autumn and winter are always turquoise.
    I like orchids, not only its leaves green, beautiful and beautiful, but also the blue grass is better. Some are flowers and bones, with buds and desires, and they seem to be full. Some petals are just open, like a shy little girl, some of which are all about the petals, showing two petals like Douban like Douban. The flower core blooms his elegant personality, picking up a pendant in front of his chest, and immediately smell the fragrance.
    A orchid's flowers are different. Its flower cores, some are red, some are white, some are purple, and some are purple in red, yellow in purple, and so on. Watch it carefully, because the color of the flower core is different, so it is put together into different patterns. Some are like butterflies, some look like dragonflies, and some look like a cute little pet. According to the different colors displayed in the flower core, different patterns of modern, people spontaneously named various orchids called "butterfly flowers", some are called "red children", and some are called "Jinxiu China" and so on.
    I love vibrant spring, and love the fragrance and elegant orchid in my hometown.
    The composition about the topic of hometown 9 As long as you come to Zhangqiu, you will see the green and spectacular mountain across the road at a glance. This is the famous dangerous mountain. The trees on the mountains are lush, and it looks like a green ocean from a distance. In this green ocean, the pine trees are strong and upright, the shape is peculiar, and some trunks are thick and majestic. Some are like a giant umbrella, and the fine -shattering sun shadows under the downstairs, and some extend a huge arm to welcome the guests. In the pine cypress, apricot trees, maple trees ... all hiding in the arms of his brother like a younger sister, secretly staring at the sky secretly. The woods are staggered, and the small and exquisite ancient gazebo looks simple and quiet in the towering trees.
    In childhood, I and Shengjing Plaza made a puzzlement.
    Spring, my classmates and I pulled my hands to the square. Sister Liu Shu asked us with a tender green arm. We first asked Sister Liu Shu for a few rays of "hair". Weaving it into a delicate "straw hat", and asked the wild flower girl a few wild flowers and inserted it on the "straw hat". Then put the "straw hat" on your head. Sometimes, a few of our classmates will be divided into two groups to play the game of hitting the wall. I even did not brake the car and gave it out at once ...
    in the summer, the sky is hot, and we prefer to be in danger. We prefer to be in danger. Playing in the mountains, hiding, fighting, chasing, and playing in the dense woods, it is extremely happy.
    In autumn, we face the autumn wind, hold a plastic bag, and step on the depths of the crowded leaves to pick up the fruitful results. I saw the bright red mountain jujube full of branches. There is also the half -green and red apricot ... I remember that I and my classmates went up the mountain with my classmates to pick the apricot, and worked hard to pick up the two big bags of green apricots. After returning, my grandmother's words almost scared us "apricot is not familiar."
    In winter, snowflakes landed. We wore thick clothes, gloves, and like a clumsy bear to come to the square to fight snow battle, snowman, snowball ...
    Zhang Qiu, me, me, me Love you! Your life brings endless fun!
    The composition about hometown topics 10 The beauty of our hometown is a lot. There are beautiful tea mountains, towering Songlin Mountains, and the growing Bai Mu Forest. But in my heart, the most beautiful scenery is not them, but the most ordinary seasons.
    Spring, everything recovers, red willow green. Spring girls move the frozen stream; let the sleepy birds sing; open the buds of flowers ... The original lonely branches have already performed the birds. Here a pair of thrush, a group of sparrows, seems to be in a music concert. There are already flowers to accompany the dying mountains. Look, there is a speaker flower here; It seems to be a beauty pageant!
    As the spring leaves, summer is here. The trees are extremely lush. The origin of the sea of ​​flowers has become a world of grass, and the entire hometown is green. Whenever you eat, you will always see such a scene: a few elderly people sit under the tree while drinking tea, or the children take the kitten and puppy to make games on the grass. Whenever everyone falls asleep, there are often a few textile girls singing beautiful songs on the branches, as if urging everyone to fall asleep quickly.
    The summer, it is autumn. The entire hometown has become a golden ocean, with fiery maple trees, golden sycamore trees, and golden rice fields. Girl Qiu also brought many gifts to everyone! There are sweet apples, delicious pears, sweet and sour plums, cocked apricot ... make the peasant uncle's face filled with a happy smile.
    With the departure of autumn, the winter girl came to us with a light step. The children at this time are happy! They played snow fights and snowmen, and they played well. At this time, it started to snow, and the little snowflakes floated to the children's face elegantly, but they didn't seem to feel cold.
    ! I love my hometown and love the four seasons of my hometown.
    The composition about the topic of hometown 11 Zhanhua County has a beautiful and rich village -that is my hometown. The scenery here is charming and the scenery is pleasant. There are only more than 200 households.
    Spring, her hometown flowers bloom, and the grass grows up under the gently stroke of the spring girl. The peach blossoms show a shy little face. The willow tree grows new branches. They planted sorghum in the crops, and pear blossoms were embroidered with white flowers for this small village. The flocks on the hills came out for a walk; the sound of the cow in the crops had the sound of the "cricket" sound of the cow and the sound of the tractor, and people got up early and late every day. The spring in my hometown is really beautiful!
    In summer, there are a few green umbrellas in the small river east of my house -lotus leaves. When the weather is cool, people will hold a large barrel or a stainless steel basin to the edge of the river to fish fish. The crops are busy planting wheat, beans, and irrigating the countryside. Because summer is hot, most people go to the river to pick lotus leaves and top the lotus leaves to the head, which is very cool. In the evening, people moved the horse with a fan? Chatting on the roadside. The summer in my hometown is really cute!
    If autumn is a bumper season, which represents the busy season. The sorghum put on red clothes, and people are harvesting fruits and celebrating harvests! This is the girl Qiu gently stroked the faces of the farmers and the people, and slowly helped the farmers sweat. The winter jujube is familiar. Now it should be a lively scene when the winter jujube festival is held. Once, I also met a foreign uncle here. The autumn in my hometown is really lively!
    In winter, the wheat is in the winter, and the goose hair is snowing in the sky, which is beautiful! When a thick ice was knotted on the river, we moved the sofa to the river and let a person sit on the sofa with a rope, which is fun!
    I love my hometown. She is charming throughout the year. She has nurtured more than 200 households. I love my home.
    The composition about the topic of hometown 12 Talking about the "blue sky and blue sea, red tiles and green trees", everyone will definitely think of a unique coastal city -Qingdao.
    It Qingdao is surrounded by mountains, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. With its unique geography and environment, it impressed everyone who came to Qingdao. In the huge Huibin Plaza, the lush Qingdao Botanical Garden, the charming eight levels, the ancient and ancient Chai Temple, the enthusiastic Qingdao people ... and so on all the people who had come here to leave an indelible mark in their minds.
    The building style of Qingdao's buildings is as many as 26 countries, but both buildings and earth houses have the same characteristics: -Red tiles. Students who have been to the south will definitely know that the roofs of the southern buildings are gray and black tiles. But the roof of Qingdao's buildings looked at the sky from the sky -red.
    The trestle bridge is a very famous attraction in Qingdao. It is also a symbol of Qingdao. It was built in 1892. It is the earliest pier in Qingdao. Two -layer octagonal pavilion.
    The tide in autumn, the waves raised the shore, aroused dozens of meters of huge waves, and it was spectacular. After the ebb, the seawater retreated 100 meters. Every time autumn is calm, thousands of seagulls fly back in the bay, forming a harmonious picture with the blue sky, Huilan Pavilion in the distance, and people who watch the sea nearby.
    The urban buildings here are built according to the hill slope and the sea, mainly European -style monomer buildings, and mostly colorful colors, especially those almost clear red roofs, have become a major feature of Qingdao. Looking down from the Xiaoyuishan Park, the red tiles of the blue and green green brings a strong warmth to the city. Bihai, blue sky, red tiles, and green trees reflect the charming figure of Qingdao. The red reefs, fine waves, colorful sails, and golden beaches constitute the beautiful seaside landscape of Qingdao. A colorful picture. Through the ancient European town, romantic and freehand.
    The composition about the topic of hometown 13 For a person who lives in a rural environment, like me, spending in a noisy city in autumn, I sighed from time to time: "It's better to be in the city!" In the city! " There is no warmth like the spring I want, although the sunlight is still the scorching sun in the cool autumn; there is no smooth wind like silk in the city, even though it is a cool autumn, the light wind is still turbid; There is no Qingqing Creek in the city, even though the river is still dirty in the cool autumn.
    is still good in my hometown! Walking on the mountain road and the path of farmland, although it is autumn, there are still leaves on the trees. They are still green and the breeze brushes gently. They are so stubborn. Come! I don't want to fall! I want to play with Sister Feng! "Look, look down from Xiaoyeer slowly, grass, look at him, it is still so green as Xiaoye, but it is still so lush! During the sunset, Xiao Caoer always faced the sunset, as if he was saying, "It's warm! Don't go to the sun and the sun! Let me blow up with me!" ,Wow! You see how much they are, how light it is!
    is still good in my hometown in the morning! Get up early and came to the clean stream greedily sucked a sip of fresh air, and lazily stretched out his body's strength to stretch a lazy waist. Look! The stream exudes a burst of fragrance, like fruit, like small grass, ah, so charming! Touch her gently, cool, soft, soft, like silk scarves, like white frost, although it is autumn, she still clears ... from time to time, a breeze blows. Beads, jumping on my face, shaking, very numb, very drunk ...
    I continued to walk, I thought of the city and the countryside again, I thought, autumn must be like this, Or, where is he still like this? Now that I am still walking, crossing the chimney black forest, I want to visit the autumn of the puppet in the long distance.
    The composition about the topic of hometown 14 shaded trees, beautiful grass; dumplings big cakes, refreshing hearts; neighbors, smiles. Ask why, my hometown is also.
    E every village has a fairy, and the fairy surname of my hometown is green. She is a symbol of vitality. In spring, the flowers are bright and beautiful, and the trees are not allowed, and all of them are pointing out. In the summer, the wind blows through the forest, leading to cicada, listening ~ they are still calling. It's lively !! Since it is said to be vibrant, then autumn and winter are no exception. In short, the scenery of spring, summer, autumn and winter is green.
    If asks the food in my hometown, it is a dumplings and big cakes. When I think of them, I can't restrain my saliva glands. Forcing you to take another bite, after eating, you will feel the meaning. Of course, there are many delicious hometown, but it is now introduced here. Otherwise, I really doubt whether I will "drool for three thousand feet".
    The most worthwhile is the people in our hometown. In the evening, people from each households were dispatched and came to the door of the house. At this time, I see neighbors surrounded by talked about their commoners. There are always many topics they talk about, and sometimes I can insert a few words. As the saying goes, distant relatives are not as good as neighbors. And here, neighbors are like relatives. Whenever the household has difficulties, we neighbors will not be idle, and we will help him. Look, the whole village is happy. How good !!
    This is my hometown, do you like it? You must like it! Remember to come. At that time, I will take you to visit in person, and I will take you a lot of food.
    The composition about the topic of hometown 15 Inner Mongolia Baotou City is located at the southern end of the Inner Mongolia Plateau. Baotou originated from the Mongolian "Baoketu". Baotou is a city with personal beauty, ingredients, and beautiful scenery. In the current Baotou, the urban streets are wide and neat, high -rise, and lined with green trees. The squares with different styles abound, forming a beautiful garden city.
    In 2005, Baotou was rated as "National Civilized City". My hometown-Baotou, there are many beautiful tourist destinations, including the beautiful "Sahan Tara Park", which is the largest city grassland in Asia; The name of the United States; the magnificent and deep "Meili more natural scenic area"; there are also countless "five -time calls", which are the same as the "Potala Palace" in Tibet, and the "Tal Temple" in Qinghai. These beautiful and famous monuments, my favorite is the "South China Sea Wetland Park", let me introduce to you the West Lake-Nanhai Park of the Saiwai West Lake in my hometown. In the past, this was a section of the Jiuqu Yellow River. After the river water diverted south, the water surface and beach and grass were formed. It was divided into the water activity area and the lakeside tourist area. The lakes and grass are rich, the sky gulls and birds soar, and the scenery is unique.
    The development zone integrates the natural beauty and artificial beauty here, so that it has both the characteristics of the thick and roughness of the outside world, but also the charming aura of the Jiangnan water village. One of the tourist scenic spots can not only be a rafting on the water, fishing in the lake, pushing out, resting in the garden, full of pleasant South China Sea scenery. This is my hometown-beautiful Baotou, I love my hometown!

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