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  1. If the dog is vomiting, it is best not to feed it to eat anything. If the number of vomiting is increased, don't let it drink water. Observe all night, rest assured that you wo n’t be a problem without eating or drinking. If you do n’t vomit anymore the next day, you can feed some boiling buns and lightly, and then add some gastrointestinal treasures to the food. The effect is good. You can also buy this online, the name is the little pet gastrointestinal treasure

  2. It is not uncommon for dogs to vomit, but most of the time, it is indicating that its body is abnormal and requires the pet owner to identify the cause of the cause of the symptoms.
    1. Eat too much vomiting

    The physical vomiting of dogs is mainly due to eating too much, and it is caused by eating too much. Generally, the dog is fine after vomiting. If the dog has a accumulation of food, you can feed Wang Xiangxiang tablets to help the gastrointestinal digestion and reduce the trouble of this aspect.
    2. The food that the food is not clean is not clean, or if it is expired, it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort and vomiting and dilute. This requires the dog to fast properly, and feed Wang Yi system to help stabilize the intestinal flora, reduce the pressure of the stomach and stomach, and alleviate the vomiting and dilute.
    3, gastrointestinal diseases

    Dogs vomiting, especially vomiting yellow water, poor mental appetite, and even blood to pull blood, which is likely to be caused by gastrointestinal diseases. It is recommended that the owner takes the dog for medical treatment in time. If it is a situation such as gastric ulcers, you can follow the doctor's instructions to take Tulike to prevent vomiting and protect the stomach to help suppress gastric acid and treat gastric inflammation. The vomiting caused by gastroenteritis in dogs must feed Wang Meow Amo for anti -inflammatory to help stabilize the condition.
    4, liver and kidney problem

    The phenomenon of vomiting in dog liver and kidney is not good. In this regard, the pet owner needs to take the dog for medical treatment in time and treat it for treatment. In the later period, some pets can be fed to supplement nutrition to help the physiological functions during maintenance.

  3. After the dog vomits, the owner first thinks that it is to give them medicine or let them eat it quickly. The method of practical fasting is a correct way, and the usual diet management and conditioning gastrointestinal are more important.
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  4. The question you asked,
    Is what can my dog ​​vomit?
    It occasionally there is no problem with vomiting one or two times,
    is what it cleaned by itself,
    If what to eat, what should be sick,
    must be must See what causes.

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