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  1. Dog Diablon, Inu Batlin and rabies vaccine.
    It can prevent canine plague and small viruses.
    This two -union to prevent canine plague and small viruses of dogs; dog four -linked vaccine can prevent canine plague, small virus virus, canine sub -influenza, and canine gonad virus; dog six united can prevent canine plague and small dogs Viruses, auxiliary influenza, Ion virus type I, II, and hook -end spiral body.
    This Eight Alliances can prevent infectious hepatitis caused by type of canine plague, small virus disease, anecades of dogs, and mysonic virus type 1, respiratory disease, canine coronary virus, hook end caused by type 2 of canine gonad virus type 2 Spiral, jaundice bleeding hook end spiral body, etc.
    The vaccines for dogs are generally multi -connected vaccines and rabies vaccines. Dog vaccines can prevent infectious diseases and rabies.
    See seedlings generally refer to rabies vaccine. Lian seedlings are vaccines such as small, canine plague, and canine coronary virus. The more diseases are prevented, the owner can choose a vaccine suitable for dogs according to his needs.
    It should be noted that the dog cannot take a bath during vaccination, so as not to cause the dog to be cold or even secondary to some viral infectious diseases. At the same time, it is necessary to vaccinate strictly in accordance with the immune program, and try not to delay or vaccinate in advance to avoid affecting the immune effect of the vaccine.

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