1 thought on “Where is the Yuexi Stray Dog Rescue Center”

  1. No. 21 East Road, Linshu Plant, Tiantian Town, Yuexi County, Anqing City, Anhui Province.
    The Yuexi Stray Dog Rescue Center is located at No. 21 East Road, Liming Ball Factory, Tiantang Town, Yuexi County, Anqing City, Anhui Province. The base is located in the depths of Dashan. Without materials, lack of materials.
    The establishment of animals to contain mainly relies on the support of social forces, and uses donations to maintain money from all walks of life and adopt loved ones as the development model. Through the application of this model, more caring people from all walks of life can participate, do their best to contribute to animal life. At the same time, the participation of the whole society can call the human care of animals from the grassroots level, and let everyone understand and recognize the important meaning and practical significance of protecting animals through practical actions.

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