5 thoughts on “If the conditions are suitable for raising dogs, how to buy dogs in life?”

  1. If the conditions are suitable for raising dogs, how to buy dogs in life? The following is my analysis:
    The first time raising dogs, I do n’t know what kind of breed is suitable. Dogs. The first is to look at the temperament, the second to look at all, and then look at the glasses, and then look at the nose, and the last thing to see is the abdomen. These parts are critical and have to watch.
    It this is very difficult. After all, there are tens of millions of reasons for raising dogs. It may be because family members, maybe because they like, or may rise for a while. Before choosing a dog, I suggest you ask a few more! 1. Whether you choose a pure -breed dog or a mixed -race dog, you must pay attention to some issues. If you have any questions, please ask the breeder clearly. He should be glad to answer all your questions and treat you as a really interested dog, buyer, and rest assured to entrust his little baby to you. 2. Are these puppies a dog of the same type (which can be judged from their appearance and sounds). Whether these puppies are lively and do they like to play with their companions (when they do not sleep, you should observe carefully. ): Whether these puppies look healthy (can eat, happy, clear eyes ...).
    3, whether the dog mother who raw puppies gives a healthy and trustworthy impression, this is the first child of the dog mother (bitch is best to have only one child a year, which is conducive to its body recovery. Of course It is not raw every year), how is the relationship between bitch and puppy? Where does the male dog come from (how does it live? What is it doing? How does it have the relationship between humans and other animals), is it harmful to humans or other animals! Do puppies of different varieties are fed together (Note: If it is, this must be a person who specializes in breeding business), has veterinarian evaluating the health of these puppies?
    4. Do they have genetic problems (some varieties of dogs are prone to eye diseases)? What diseases do they have? What vaccines have been vaccinated? How long does it take for puppy deworming for every time? What kind of food do the puppy eat when handed over? Do you get a certificate of home raising pets? After buying puppies, whether the breeder is still approachable and answer your questions And happy to help you?
    This pets are not children's plays, not for a while. Hope to help everyone

  2. If the space in the home is relatively large, you can choose a slightly larger dog. If you are usually lazy, you can choose a small teddy, because it has a darker color and is more resistant to dirt. You can choose a dog that you have to raise without picky eaters, and the obedient will not bite the sofa when you are not at home.

  3. Be sure to choose a dog according to your needs and actual conditions, and then you should also choose a dog that is better to feed. You also need to consider your own financial ability. If the financial ability is relatively weak, there is no need to raise a large dog.

  4. According to our own family, choose a dog that suits us, we must also pay attention to the growth habits of dogs, well -behaved, size, and intelligence.

  5. You can go to the pet shop for related purchases. You can also buy from your friends about selling pets. Both dogs buying these two ways are very healthy.

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