The necessity of dogs for sterilization surgery, the pros and cons of dogs for sterilization surgery

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  1. Do you want to do sterilization surgery for dogs? From a health perspective, it is necessary to sterilize pets. From a safety perspective, according to the current animal medicine technology, sterilization can only be regarded as a small surgery, and the risk is very low.

    . Why do you have sterilized surgery for dogs? The benefits of sterilization surgery?

    1. It can reduce the occurrence of stray dogs

    In sterilization surgery, so as not to allow dogs to produce, it can reduce unnecessary, and no one needs the number of pets, thereby reducing stray wandering The number of dogs avoid the tragic fate of suffering after the birth of the dogs.

    . It can make the dog more docile

    It can avoid some troubles caused by the estrus of the dog. It is difficult to discipline, and it will fight with female dogs and male dogs with neighbors. At the same time, the dogs can eliminate some bad habits that make the owner worry, such as peeing everywhere, wandering out, uneasy screams, etc., and become well -behaved.

    3. Extending the life of the dog

    The sterilization surgery can extend the life of the dog. This is because continuous and excessive fertility activities will accelerate the dog's body organs and shorten the life of the dog.

    4. It can make the dog healthier

    Sthel sterilization surgery can make the dog live healthier and reduce the opportunity to get sick, such as: uterine pus, ovarian cysts cause cause Diseases and prostate mosque. Surgery can also avoid the possibility of breast tumors before the age of one.

    . The disadvantage of dogs for sterilization surgery?

    1. The deprivation of the dog's fertility

    In sterilization surgery, it deprives the dog's right to fertility, slightly cruel, and dogs need to endure postoperative wounds after surgery wounds Pain.

    2. Need to bear certain surgical risks

    The small part of sterilization surgery will be accompanied by at least one complication, such as adverse anesthesia reactions, incomplete sutures, etc. Fortunately, most complications are not serious. Dogs may have abnormal behavior after surgery, which can easily lead to obesity.

    . The risk of disease

    Profeng dogs before the age of one year old will increase the chance of bone cancer, which is more common for medium and large dogs and is difficult to prevent. Children's sterilized bitch will increase the chance of suffering from vaginitis, vaginal dermatitis and vulvitis.

    . What happens if the dog does not have sterilization surgery?

    1. Small trouble of sterile

    The bitch was chased by the male dog when he was in estrus.

    2. The trouble of sterilization

    The estrus caused male dogs to fight (compensation! Seeing a doctor, surgery, which may lead to the conflict of the owner's contradiction);

    The estrus bitch is mistakenly matched;

    The disease incidence of reproductive system is higher than the sterilization dog.

    . When will the dog be sterilized?

    1. The best age

    The dogs can better prevent many malignant diseases at 6-8 months old. The male dog is probably properly performing surgery when it is seven or eight months old. And the mother dog is best to endure the trouble brought by the first estrus. After the first physiological cycle, sterilization surgery can be performed, because this can ensure that the overall growth and development of the dog can reach a certain degree of sufficient extent.

    . The best season

    From the perspective of the master's care and the recovery of wounds, it is generally more sterilized in autumn and winter, because the climate is more appropriate, it is easy to be easy After taking care of the dogs after sterilization, and because the dog needs to wear a period of surgery after sterilization, these two seasons will be better than the humid summer and spring.

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