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  1. The puppies in their childhood are very naughty and always accidentally occur without opinions. For example, how can the owner deal with at this time? The first is to observe more puppies to see the strictness of falling. The following is how the dogs have fallen to deal with and precautions.
    . If the puppy falls from the height, you can handle it according to the following methods:
    Pest the owner do not touch the dog to see how the dog reacts. If a dog is clamoring, the affected limb may have fractures and need to go to a pet hospital for X -ray examination. If the dog stands up for a while after the dog is injured, the owner must first observe that the dog can exercise, give drinking water to see if the dog can drink normally. If you can drink normally, feed the streaming to observe the diet. If you cannot eat, it also indicates that there are abnormal gastrointestinal or organs. You need to send X -rays or B -ultrasound to the hospital to collect blood tests. Secondly, the owner should observe more urine. If there is no urine or blood, you need to send the pet hospital for treatment immediately.
    . The precautions after the puppy fell
    1. Do not eat solid food for the time being, you can drink some glucose water.
    2. Dogs after the injury will vomit. This situation is possible. After falling, the dog's brain nerves are in a short -term dormant state, which affects the dog's nerves. It can cause dog vomiting.
    3, the dog owner after the injury is best to observe. But there should be no major problems in time, and you can't see it outside, so you must try to take him to a better pet hospital. However, during this period, there is a good way to make Its body rest is on the soft soil, lying on it, waiting for experienced benefits to diagnose and treat.

    4. After the treatment, the puppy must supplement it to supplement it, which can effectively promote its physical recovery.
    5. After the recovery, the puppy needs to take care of more to avoid the dog's second injury incident

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