1 thought on “How can I check the pet dog to another city”

  1. It can be carried out through the "small animal" of railway or aviation, but the procedures are more troublesome.

    The specific:
    1. Carrying small animals to inject vaccines to pet hospitals and issue "health certificates" and "immune certification".
    2. Go to the local inspection and quarantine bureau to issue a "quarantine certificate" with "health certificate" and "immune certification".
    3, go to the pet shop, buy a pet -dedicated air box for small animals (large pet shops are available).
    4. Buy train tickets or air tickets. When buying air tickets, you must declare to the airline that small animals need to be transported.
    5. When taking the opportunity/car, put the pet's special air box, put sufficient drinking water and food, and then put the small animals in.
    6. Arrive at the railway station or airport in advance, and go through the small animal consignment procedures with the "quarantine certificate".
    7, after arriving at the destination, go to the bag to receive small animals.

    In cost, of course, railway transportation is cheap.

    The explanatory:
    Alip transport, small animals stay in the aerobic cargo cabin.
    The trains, small animals stay in the luggage compartment at the rear of the train. Whenever they rely on the train, they can visit their small animals from the luggage compartment without affecting the staff of the car dealer.

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