1 thought on “What are the procedures for the pet cat specialist center?”

  1. You need to apply for an individual business license.
    If the pet hospital to carry out pet beauty and pet supplies is only the individual business license of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau required, and the tax registration certificate. Pet supplies retail and pet beauty, some places are required to open pet hospitals to write pet services. This is different from the different places.
    Generally speaking, it can be done in about 10 days. If there is a business for pets such as dogs and cats, you also need to go to the public security organs to apply for a dog business license. At present, most pet hospitals are selling pet living body but there is no relevant procedures.
    The diagnosis and treatment permit for pet hospitals.
    If to apply for a clinic or pet hospital, you must go to the animal husbandry and veterinary bureau or the local agricultural bureau to apply for a diagnosis and treatment permit. If you are operating pet products and have labor manuals, you can go to the street labor security firm to apply for informal labor employment organizations to apply for informal labor employment organizations after the basic venue is selected, and you can enjoy preferential policies such as tax exemption.

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