4 thoughts on “Why do many cats like to be coquettish to the owner and keep touching it?”

  1. There should be many people who have raised cats know that cats like coquettishness, and they are very terrible to sprinkle coquettishness because they are very sticky. Therefore, in life, if the cat does some movements, it is actually looking for care.
    Because everyone's warm big hand will make the cat feel very similar to their mothers when touching the cat, and many cats will also treat their owners as their mother after adulthood. When cats are young, their mothers will continue to lick their cats and hair, but after the cat grows up, some of their physical functions and skills are very mature, but at this time they still hope that their owners can be at any time. Touch them. Because for cats, they have not grown up completely, and they still maintain a more naive mind. When cats are stroked by their own hosts, they will relieve their bodies, and their tails will be tilted. This is a typical action. If you see your cats, you can believe it very much when he appears, and he has regarded himself as his family.
    This cats will also do some related behaviors when they are coquettish. Cats are very vigilant for unfamiliar people. If a cat stretchs his belly at himself, it means that the cat wants to coquettish himself, and there will be many cats in life that are very frequent. At this time, the cat trusts himself very much, because the cat is very emotional. If they make mistakes, they will need to be forgiven by the owner very much. At this time, they will do their thighs. It shows that cats are coquettish to themselves, and if cats want to be coquettish, they will always stab themselves. This is a way for cats to express trust, and it is also a behavior of expressing favors between cats and cats.
    In fact, cats are a very emotional and very delicate pet. After raising cats, many people will find many happiness. Especially when cats are coquettish to themselves, they will use various ways to make themselves a lot of presence and make their hearts very satisfied.

  2. Because of this, it can get a sense of security. After human hands can warm the cat's skin, it can also enhance the cat's touch on the skin. It feels the same as the cat's tongue licking the cat's hair with my tongue.

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