5 thoughts on “How to persuade my mother to raise a kitten?”

  1. 1. Worried that cats will affect the child's learning

    Because the cats at home are always thinking of the cat at home, it may affect the child's attention. If my mother has concerns in this area, we also have to understand her. It can also be guaranteed to her: it will definitely not affect her learning.

    It if the mother still disagrees, then you can speak with grades. For example, if you talk about conditions with your mother, if your own essence is improved, your mother agrees to keep pets. Or, get some good results first, and then go to mother, tell your mother that he has made a lot of learning and improves, so that the mother agrees to raise pets.
    2, worrying that cats will infect the disease for children, or hurt the child

    If this kind of concern, then you need to check some information and share it with the cat. Then, I hope your mother can get vaccines and deworming for cats. In this way, you don't have to worry about the cat's infectious disease.

    The you need to guarantee that if you do n’t toss the cat, the cat will not hurt yourself.
    3, the conditions of the family are not suitable for cats

    The cost of cat -raising is also quite high. If you want a variety of cats, purchase costs, plus medical expenses and living expenses, raising, raising A cat also needs a lot of money. Mom also for you to go to school. If the family is not rich, this is also a kind of concern.

    If this is the case, the pet sky recommends you: do not ask your mother to ask for breed cats, or wait for a while, then raise it by yourself.

    The cats must also consider for mothers, or wait for the family to be rich, and you can make money yourself. You ask your mother to ask for.
    4. Mom does not like cats

    If the mother does not like cats because she does not agree with cats, she can only endure this situation! Who makes her a mother, you are a child? After all, her mother is a family member. She has to make money for you to go to school, and to manage the family. We are just a child. We have no ability to make money. In this case, we can only endure it.

    , when you grow up, you can raise it with your own family. At that time, the mother couldn't control herself. The premise is that you have to study well, and there will be a good job and income in the future. So, look at it with a longer look, come on!

  2. Mom does not like raising kittens, there may be the following reasons: 1. I think the cat is not as loyal to the dog as a dog. 2. I feel that cats are easier to remove hair. But you can persuade your mother to raise kittens from the following points. 1, cats and cats will bring yourself a feeling of pleasure, physical and mental comfort. 2. When the work is tired, the work is not good, and when you go home, see the cat sitting behind the door quietly, waiting for you to go home, at that moment, your troubles can be disappeared at least half, 3, when a cat beats when the cat beats, when the cat beats it When we are snoring, we listen to the frequency of cats, and we will get to varying degrees of comfort in our hearts. The pressure hormones in the body will also be reduced, which will have a clear relaxation effect on our body and mind. I believe that with her mother, she will slowly understand that she accepts kittens.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am inquiring for you, please wait a moment, I will reply to you immediately ~nHello, I have seen your question ~ Now I am manually editing the content for you, but it takes a little time, please wait patiently, thank you, thank you ~nAsk my mother to be afraid of animals from an early agenLet me animals, but I really want to do what to donAnswer if your mother still disagrees, then you can speak with grades. For example, if you talk about conditions with your mother, if your own essence is improved, your mother agrees to keep pets. Or, get some good results first, and then go to mother, tell your mother that he has made a lot of learning and improves, so that the mother agrees to raise pets. You can guarantee that you will definitely keep your home environment clean and you will take the initiative to clean it.nIf you ask questions, he said that no matter what you do, you will not buy me an animalnAnswer you, you can guarantee the cleanliness in your home like your mother. You can say that you will take the initiative to clean it. When you are not there, you will not release the catnAsk him not to say it is that our house is too small and you can help me feel that our house is already 120 square meters.nAnswer, you can plan with her where the cat can only stay with her, or buy a cat that closes the cat for the cat.nAsk, can you help me plan where to put it?nYou can also tell your mother to tell your mother if the cat's hygiene will be cleaned for a long time on time.nQuestnAnswer Hello, I'm sorry, because I don’t know the specifications of your home, I really want to put it, but I suggest that it is placed closer to your room. You can know what happened for the first time.nKiss my cats and dogs all have it [Smile]nI hope the above answers are helpful to you [Happy] ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, you can continue to consult me ​​in the future [Laughs] ~ Thank you here [you know]nMore 13nBleak

  4. 1. Cats can enhance resistance

    It research reports show that people who raise cats are lower than those who do not have cats. The incidence of babies' respiratory tract infections and allergies is strange. However, when raising cats, pay attention to the environmental hygiene at home.

    2, cats can expand the communication circle

    The cats can allow people to expand their communication circle and make more friends. For example, I usually talk about a few words with my neighbors, but if both sides have cats, then there are more topics; and if you usually take cats out, maybe you can make some little brothers and sisters. R. R. n

    3, cats can have a companion

    This trick can be called the strongest for those only children. How good is a cute kitten? And when he goes out to work, the cat at home can accompany his parents, and parents can also be with the cat.

    4, cat raising can make the home more angry

    After the cat raises, there will be more family members at home, because they can make life happier, because because A new kitten in the family, I feel that there are more boring life tricks. Usually tease the cat, and the cat's response can make everyone laugh for a while. Of course, this life is happy!

    5, cat raising can make yourself quickly

    In the cat, you must regularly fix the cat to feed the cat every day. The official will not be on the bed in the future, and the cat is an animal that can lose hair. If he does not clean it, it is likely to make your parents feel disgusted, so the shoveling officer can be diligent.

  5. To raise a cat first, I dare to be sure that your mother will fall in love with this cat in the future, because my mother just raises a cat and then find some reasons to say that it will be raised at home for a few days and then send away the few. God, your mother is definitely not willing to send it away.

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