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  1. Sergland folding ear cat (detail introduction)
    When cats are sick, their bodies are weak and sluggish. Many times they will refuse to eat. At this time, the owner's careful care is needed Resistance, but if you blindly change your diet, it is likely to cause cats to picky food. Even if the body recovers health, it will still be more picky. What can I do?

    . The diet should be cleaned
    ma and elderly cats are more susceptible to disease. Generally speaking, adult cats are very strong and difficult to get sick. Even some diarrhea and vomiting Small illness, you can also recover quickly without taking extra care. However, some purebred cats such as Persian and Himalaya cats, whether they are kittens or big cats, if they do not pay attention to breeding management, they can easily cause various diseases. Therefore, for this kind of cats, breeders must strengthen the prevention and control measures for cat diseases, try to eliminate all bad factors that cause cats to disease, prevent problems before they occur, or discover and treat in the early stages of cats.
    , like people, many cat diseases also enter from the mouth. To prevent cat disease, the food must be cleaned and fresh, and the food does not leave the pot. Do not feed cats to spoiled foods, pay attention to the balance of cat food nutrition, do not feed some single feed for a long time to prevent cats from lack of certain nutrition. Feeding should be regularly and quantitative, be careful not to let cats eat. The second is to disinfect the cat's basin, pots and cat nests to kill the original bacteria. The third is to sort the cats often, take a bath appropriately, and keep the cat's autologous hygiene. The fourth is to try not to let cats contact insects such as flies and cockroaches that have been exposed to, reducing the roots of pollution.
    . The environment should be appropriate
    After the cat is sick, the physical strength consumes a lot of energy, the mental is sluggish, the eye shit is increased, the movement is lying alone, and the action is slow. Pour and dirty. The serious cats even drowned anywhere, completely losing their good habits in the past. At this time, the owner should not dislike the sick cat, but should take care of and care about the diseased cats more, sort out the hair to promote the blood circulation of the body surface, and scrub the hair that is dirty by the stool; The room should be ventilated, and the cooling facilities are appropriately equipped. Pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling. In winter, you should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth and prevent cats from catching colds. Of course, cats who are sick should ask veterinarians to diagnose and treat. Only on the basis of active treatment, strengthen breeding management and careful care, can we have a medical cat to restore health as soon as possible. Generally, there is a strong ability to endure the pain. After the cat is sick, he often hides in a quiet and dim place to rest. Therefore, the owner should pay attention to observation, and after discovering the sick cat in time, take care of careful care to recover. The diseased cat is generally weak. It is necessary to minimize the diseased cat activity as much as possible, and place the sick cat in a comfortable, warm (or cool) place to make it fully rest. Essence
    . The abnormal manifestation of the cat's illness
    First of all, no matter what kind of disease is the cat's disease, the mental condition of the cat will be seriously affected. Driven by disease, pet cats will become mentally weak, cat's actions will become slow, the curiosity of surrounding things will be reduced, the response to external things will become dull, and the personality will begin to become introverted. If the cat has such a situation, it means that the cat is sick.
    INK's nose of a healthy pet cat is wet and cold. Except when the cat sleeps and wakes up, if the cat's nose is dry, it means that the cat's body is not very comfortable. If the cat's nose is also hot, it is necessary to measure the body temperature for the cat immediately, and the cat is likely to have a fever. Cats troubled by disease will change their appetite. When cats suddenly have loss of appetite or suddenly increased, they all indicate that the cat's body has abnormalities. The slightly mild disease is hair balls, and severe diseases are diabetes.
    Is when a cat is found abnormal, the breeder must pay attention to it. Because the cat's disease has gradually accumulated from an early age, if the cat suffers from a small disease and it is not treated in time and effective, the minor illness will eventually lead to an irreplaceable disease. It is very large, even threatening the life of pet cats.
    Pules after some cats are sick, many owners like to ask some treatment methods online. Some small diseases can be like this, but some more serious diseases should seek medical treatment in time, because even if the doctor can diagnose the disease, the owner can be diagnosed, the owner can There is no way to treat it by itself.

  2. (1) Generally, the 2 -month -old pet needs to be deworming. You go to the pharmacy to buy it for adults to remove insect deworming. It is best to have two pieces of Chinese medicine before. The shape of the white pill is round. As soon as you say that the shopkeeper of the pharmacy knows it. After returning home, you divide the pills into 4 and a half. How long does it take to take the medicine as us? 2) The weather is too hot now. Don't always hold it and try to move it yourself, but you have to look at it from time to time. Then give it more clean water, pay attention to the water often.
    (3) After all, it is the little pet raised at home, so don't always feed it to eat some foods that we humans eat. Go to the pet shop to buy some cat food that kittens eat. Fear and chewing are good.
    (4) The kitten itself has a living habit. It will find soil when it is convenient to go. You'd better raise a few pots of flowers at home. If you like it, there is no great impact on your home? If you have done it all, if you still have no improvement for a day and a half kittens, you will take it to your pet hospital immediately. Do n’t delay. The kittens will be dangerous.

  3. Cats with low immunity are easy to get sick. If you want to improve the immunity of cats, in addition to cat food, you can add additional chicken breasts, beef, meat bags, cans, canned foods, etc.

  4. I have to go to the hospital when I get sick. Or give some medicine according to the cat's condition. The amount of medication is one per minute of a person.

  5. After raising cats for a few years, some minor illness can be treated by themselves. Talk about experience, so as not to be deceived by unscrupulous veterinarians and protect their cats.
    1, small illness pain:
    does not eat -may be full or picky eaters, continue to observe, this is the most basic feature of almost all diseases.
    While vomiting -depends on what vomit is. It depends on whether vomiting continues.
    If it is only vomiting occasionally, it may be a cat vomiting ball, which is good for it. If you feed the cat food, vomit, and the soft food is okay. The cat should have a cold,
    The digestive function is a bit poor, but it can still be absorbed. Continue to feed soft food. Liquid and ilcomycin. The medicine prescribed by the veterinarian is the same.
    The disease of almost all cats can cause digestive discomfort.
    The dilute -Carefully see if there are bleeding and water -like, if not, it is just general indigestion. However, don't underestimate indigestion,
    For kittens, it will seriously affect growth and development, and it is difficult to raise. I used to raise a cat, although I was thinner when I bought it, but it was still healthy,
    Woman who knew that it could eat it in the next two months, I did not gain weight. It was also particularly stinky, and in the end, I only gave up it. Occasionally there is blood,
    , especially your cat does not go outside to contact other cats, the problem is not big. It may be just hot gas. If it is water -like,
    is likely to be cat plague.
    Agels -family cats will also often be insects, which depends on the cat's physical fitness. Intestinal insects are special effects of special effects, 200 mg each, 50 mg is enough for cats of about 8 pounds,
    small reduction. If you are too small, it is best to use the "pagoda sugar". This is a deworming medicine we took when we were young.
    and don't think that eating twice a year like a person can worry about it. Usually, the effect can only last for two months, and the cat will be insect again. I used to have a cat with severe discomfort after eating intestinal worms,
    . I fed it to the egg to replenish my physical strength, but it did not eat it, I used the characteristics of the cat's love to apply the egg white to its hand On the mouth, it lick it if it is uncomfortable, and it is cured.
    skin diseases -the general moss starts from the tail, the symptoms are hair removal, the skin is keratinized, and the cat feels itching. It is difficult to detect when the long -haired cat gets sick at first, and it spreads to the spine and belly after
    . The most important thing after discovering is not to take a bath, bathing can easily spread the virus. This disease tests the patience of the owner,
    The adhere to the medicine for two to three months every day. And it is easy to transmit, especially to children and low resistance women. I used to take a cat to see Hua Nong's animal clinic, and used their medicines,
    stinky and no effect for a long time. Later, my mother used moss with moss and Hong Kong feet. Although the cat would be very painful, it would soon start, and it was basically better to tear off the scab.
    It to make cats hate your psychological preparations. Remember to play with the cat after the medicine to prevent it from licking, it is best to bake the affected area, such as using stockings or something, r r r r
    is easy to take off and put it on.
    -ear disease -if your cat's ears are stinky, dark brown earwax, and itchy, this minor illness does not need to see veterinarian, you can give it better:
    In use Clean the cotton swab dipped the inside of the cat's ears, and then drip the ear liquid (the large pharmacies are available, a 5th corner one). The treatment course is about a week.
    2 About veterinarians:
    In fact, many small problems can be treated by themselves, and the amount of medicine is reduced according to the medicine taken. My cat has seen a lot of veterinarians. Good veterinaries should be to judge quickly and calm down, serious and responsible diagnosis,
    The diagnosis of all more clear price lists to make you feel at ease. Huaon's animal clinic (Yuexiu) is expensive, and because of the number of animals who see a doctor,
    don't expect what they will have to do with your cat. The level of diagnosis and treatment is average. If you don't want your cat to be discouraged by student veterinarians, you don't want to go there. Take my female cat for castration,
    The doctor there said that they would get Hua Nong's headquarters to do it, what sterile room operation, and 170 (120 people). My cat,
    The internship for students is true! Intersection And the known luxurious Margaren, said that after the cat is castration, it will have to be hospitalized there for two days there for two days, collecting 100 more, it is simply cheating money,
    everyone knows that it is better to take care of pets in their own home and It's more peace of mind! Other viruses are dyed at any time in the hospital, and there is no medical ethics.
    has to mention the love of Aunt Liang, the garbage in the garbage. I will never forget that she died of my friend's three cats two years ago. Sister! I do n’t say that you must cure it,
    I also know that life and death have life and death. Like people, I ca n’t pack tickets. But at least you can't use those three axes of cats with different diseases!
    This do not tell us what the disease is, it is ◎ % % ... ※ %! Intersection Intersection Today, I am more trustworthy to be the "scene" near Wanwan Plaza in Jiangnan Avenue.
    The equipment may be worse. It is more responsible for the young male doctor. He was originally Li Dagan on the side of the squeezing fan street. I have seen him see a dog with a dog with dog plague,
    This dog's disease is already serious. He has a red dot and high fever. The owner has been cured for more than 300 yuan. No bottom hole.
    The doctor said to cure it for 200 yuan, if it is not cured, he does not collect money. I think this is a reasonable proposal, at least he did not deceive others. However, in general, the owner must first hold this heart:
    The most of the pets will die first than you, so sometimes you ca n’t cure monsters. The key is that everyone is trying to do it.

    3 If your cat often goes out:
    This cats who are generally adults know how to go home even if they go out, sometimes missing for a few days (especially public). Don't hit it back, feed it well. Remember,
    If your cat does not have a vaccine to prevent cats, I advise you not to let it run out. Even if it was hit, the outside world was still very unpredictable. My friend has raised the Grand Duke Cat for two years,
    is very healthy and lively, and there are more than 9 pounds, because he always runs out to play on the first floor. My friend thinks that he is always sleepy. Very concerned. Last week,
    This after breakfast, it ran out to play again, and returned in less than half an hour. It started to vomit. First, I vomited cat food. , Cool incontinence,
    has blood, tears, and blood wire in tears. Bring it to the veterinary office to explore the heat temperature (if it is high, you can judge as a cat plague), below the normal 39 degrees Celsius, judge is poisoning, judgment is poisoning.
    The vomiting needle and glucose. Although they did not vomit again after they came back, their physical strength was severely declining. From the disease to death, it was just 4 hours.
    is extremely painful at death, and the tongue, mouth and nose are purple. Because it is more picky and never eats food outside,
    We speculate that it was poisonous such as pesticides when it was scent, and then ate the belly when combing the fur.
    It the blood test may know what poison is, but even if we did it at that time, we could not save its life and happened too fast. Its death prompted me to write these words.

    The above is all my own experience. Although they are all basic knowledge, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Welcome everyone to discuss together,
    The people contribute to the world's cutest cat. I also contributed a little to the pet version. Although I rarely speak, this version of my help is really great!

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