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  1. Oktown, the best cat ranking:
    [TOP1] Puppet cat
    1. Cat character: The puppet cat is very smart, and is good at please the owner. This cat is very quiet, but also loves toys and likes to participate in daily life at home. The puppet cat is extremely gentle and lacks the instinct to protect themselves, so it must be raised as a pet in a deep girlfriend and not allowed to go out.
    2. OK index: ★★★★★★★★
    3. Comprehensive evaluation: gentle and smart, tough and understanding human nature, the most important thing is that puppet cats and anyone can get along easily, Especially children. How to tease without chaos, the puppet cat always accompanies you with a docile man.

    [TOP2] Persian cat
    1. Cat Personality: Persian cat is a nobility in the cat, gentle and agile, understanding, little movement, the sound of the sound is delicate, the sound is delicate and beautiful, Love coquettishness, handsome manner, naturally a spoiled state, giving a gorgeous and noble feeling.
    2. Oktaking index: ★★★★★★★
    3. Comprehensive evaluation: This cat is the first choice for many cat -raising ladies, because girls hope that the other half around them can be noble and gentle, Guarding is always by your side.

    [Top3] Himalaya cat
    1. Cat character: Most Himalaya cats are not lively cats; that is, they will not move around at any time. They like to play and are active, but they prefer to lie on your legs, and no matter what you are doing, they always want to participate!
    2. OK index: ★★★★★★
    3. Comprehensive evaluation: The ranking of the Himalaya cats is so before that, because they have beautiful hair and hair color. Of course, every cat owner wants his cat to be beautiful and cute.

    [Top4] Folding ear cat
    1. Cat character: they are born with a sweet and sweet character. They like to participate in anything you are doing, but usually just quietly and do not make a sound to disturb you. Although their sports talent is average, it does not mean that they do not like to play, but they prefer the company's company.
    2. Oktaking index: ★★★★★
    3. Comprehensive evaluation: This cat is hardworking and can be said to be the most diligent cat. So the owner can train them to do some training such as slippers, because they are happy to do so.

    [TOP5] Exotic short -haired cat
    1. Cat character: their temperament is independent, do not like noise, likes to watch the owner but will not harass, most of the time will be happy to find fun. Essence On the other hand, they also have strong curiosity, lively and clever, do not have nervous allergies, and can adapt to the new environment immediately. 3. Comprehensive evaluation: This kind of cat comes from the United States. It is a type of cats produced after multiple breeding, so they can be said to be perfect incarnation.

    [TOP6] Abi Cat
    1. Cat Personality: Abyssinian cat enthusiastic, lively and active, alert to climbing trees, love to bask in the sun, love to bask in the sun He is gorgeous and pleasant, and is very emotional to the owner. He is a very ideal partner animal.
    2. Oktaking index: ★★★
    3. Comprehensive evaluation: Abi Cat cat and older are the most co -produced, especially suitable for the old man who loves pets, patience, and childlike.

    [TOP7] British short hair cat
    1. Cat Personality: British short -haired cat bold and curious, but very gentle, strong adaptability, will not change due to changes in the environment. It will not lose his temper, nor will it screams. It will only climb to a relatively high place, and stare at the round big eyes and smiles at you with a smile.
    2. OK index: ★★
    3. Comprehensive evaluation: This cat from England loves to sell cute, and they can be said to be the best cat. But in appropriate training, Ying Short will listen to you obediently.

    [TOP8] Jinjira cat
    1. Cat character: noble and gorgeous, elegant and quiet, docile and personalized, it is tender and good, loves to be close to others, loves cleanliness, clean and clean There is a cleanliness, and Jinjira, who has the spiritual training with people, is very obedient, and is closer to the owner and has strong self -esteem.
    2. Oktaking index: ★
    3. Comprehensive evaluation: If you think about the obedience of Jinjira cats, you only continue to train them, but you must master this degree because they do not like too severe owners.

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  3. Those who are more likely can raise purebred Persian cats, beautiful, quiet, but fur needs to take care of it. Siamese cats are cheerful, loyal, and easy to take care of, but the call is not very good. If you do n’t want to raise a famous cat, you can raise the soil cats. With my experience, the white long hair cat is gentle and quiet and introverted. The yellow tabby is lively and clever. feed,...

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