4 thoughts on “What do you need to pay attention to when raising cats and dogs at the same time?”

  1. If you raise cats and dogs at the same time, you must remember that cat food and dog food cannot be mixed with feeding, otherwise it is likely to cause problems with kittens and puppies. Some owners are convenient when they feed cats or dogs, so they feed dogs or dog food with cat food. This feeding method is completely unreasonable, and this feeding method will directly hurt the little pet to the small pet. Health, so you must pay attention to these details when feeding pets. And many puppies are more greedy, so control the puppy, do not let puppy eat cat food.
    does not have the nutritional content of cat food and dog food, and the nutrition required by kittens and puppies is also different, so remember not to mix with feeding, otherwise it will easily lead The phenomenon of kittens or puppies gain weight, sickness and other phenomena. In addition, cats and dogs also like to fight. If the contradictions between kittens and puppies are very large, then the owner must make a good comfort for pets, and when raising cats or dogs, you must do your best Possible separate feeding.
    The treating kittens and puppy itself is a pair of enemies. If the cat and dog always stay together, it is easy to make a chicken flying in the house. Sometimes the puppy wants to want A teasing kitten, sometimes the kitten will go to the puppy. All in all, the two sides may make some moves that make the owner very headache. Therefore, if you raise cats and dogs at the same time, the owner should often look at two small pets. If you want to go out, try to separate the two pets as much as possible. Only in this way can you ensure the safety of pets.
    It also pay attention not to be thick when raising cats and dogs. If you always love the other pet in front of one pet, then some psychological imbalance may occur in pets Under such circumstances, the two parties may have greater contradictions. I hope that everyone can treat pets at home fairly, and only in this way can we ensure the healthy growth of pets.

  2. Pay attention to the communication between cats and dogs, and keep them a certain distance properly to prevent each other from harming each other. Pay attention to separate feeding when feeding food, because different pets need different feeds. Pay attention to the cats and dogs for cats and dogs. Dogs are cleaned to prevent cross -infection between them.

  3. Be sure to pay attention to the separation of cats and dogs. At the same time, you should prepare cages for cats and dogs. Do not let them fight frequently. Secondly, you should also pay attention not to let them disturb the people.

  4. Treating cats and dogs must be treated equally, and the other party should not be partial, which is conducive to their harmony.

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