How much does the cost of selling cats and dogs?

If you want to save money to open one, you can answer it with experience

2 thoughts on “How much does the cost of selling cats and dogs?”

  1. The family is universal, and the hair is not counted. It is best not to do this without breeding experience and the basic knowledge of the disease.

  2. The pet industry is a popular industry at home and abroad. Many people want to start a business in the pet industry and want to open a pet shop to make money. So how do you open a pet shop and what is the process of opening a pet shop? Listen to the experience of pet port chain for many years:
    In 200,000 yuan to open a pet shop, opening a pet shop that sells pet products, it does not require much area, no luxurious decoration, no need to require no need, no need Hiring manpower, as long as there is a dozen square meters of place, you can open a shop to open a store in some common pets, bath liquids, pet clothes, toys, etc. Such stores have little investment costs. It is suitable for friends who like dogs who like dogs to open a family. There are enough pets in the community.

    If opening a medium -sized pet shop, opening a medium -sized pet shop is relatively high. Big requirements. It is best to invest more than 100,000 to invest in medium -sized pet stores. Every month, you need to point out a lot of costs in terms of rent and manpower. Therefore, opening a medium -sized pet shop should think about how to make it quickly.

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