3 thoughts on “What happened to cats always catching people?”

  1. When the cat initiates the temper, it will catch people
    The cats always look so docile and calm. In people's eyes, cats seem to be an animal that will not cause spleen. However, this is a misunderstanding. When a cat initiates temper, it is terrifying and harsh. They will show sharp teeth, and their eyes become lingering and screaming, making you shudder. But when cats are severely threatened and hurt, they will suddenly catch people to defend their safety.
    In when a cat was young, in the process of playing with the owner, it is often a behavior that suddenly bite people. This behavior is recognized by pet experts as "game -type attack behavior". Required during development. We know that the nature of the cat is hunting small animals, and the kitten must use the game to exercise its skills. If the kitten in the home does not lack the necessary game toys in the same kind of playmates, the game will be turned to the owner. When the owner teases the kitten with his hands, the cat will treat the owner's hand as an enemy in the illusion. In the process of playing and playing, there will inevitably be a sudden bite.
    , although the cat has been petted at home with humans, he has received good training. But the cat's natural wildness is difficult to eliminate. When you are close to it and have fun with it, they are willing to approach you and play with you. But as long as it feels threatening, nervous, and fear, the cat will choose to escape, and more often, it will launch a sudden attack and capture people to protect their safety. Especially for adult cats, this sense of vigilance will be stronger. Therefore, when getting along with adult cats, you also need to pay attention to the appropriate and special methods to avoid cats' behavior of caught injury.

  2. 1. Help it to repair the nails
    2, if you caught you, if you do n’t want to hit him, you can call it out loud. In short, you have to let it know that you hurt. Because cats and cats are playing with each other, they will catch each other. When playing with you, catch you still with the strength of cats, and people are not as thick as cats. Cats do not know that you will hurt you like this. Essence Essence Let it pay attention to it after you know. Cat is a very smart animal

  3. 1. Cats may catch people because the cat wants to play with the owner or the cat is more nervous about the current environment. In this case, buying some cat scratch plates, cat climbing racks and other toys for cats can be used. Energy, reduce the sharpness of cat's claws, avoid being caught, try to appease the cat's emotions as much as possible in an environment where cats are not familiar with and eliminate cats' tension.
    2, cats catch people to bite people, the owner immediately stops the cat to correct the bad habit of cat. When the cat is younger, because he does not know the severity, he may not put his paws, so it causes a mistake to hurt the owner. But grow up slowly, they will learn to put away their nails. You can prepare cats and toys for cats, so that they can know when to extend nails and bite toys.

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