2 thoughts on “How to persuade parents to raise pets”

  1. 1. The reason for explanation
    first discuss with parents to know why to raise dogs, and some reasons for raising dogs. For example, you can tell your parents that you do n’t have to play with your computer every day. Do not need to stay at home and refuse to go out at home. In short, it is to let parents know that raising dogs can bring a lot of benefits to themselves, but also to rest assured!
    . Acting
    Moothing may test your acting skills. Every day in front of your parents, there is no state, and then find some dogs to stick to the wall. Acting does not like to eat, poor sleep, etc., parents will be soft when they see it. They are not afraid that many people should try this trick when they are young, which is really useful for some parents!
    . I want to have a companion
    For those only children, this method is the most useful. I said that I am too lonely at home. In addition to writing homework at home, I play a computer to watch TV and play mobile phones. Not good, if there is a dog, there is something to do in your spare time, and you will not be alone when you are at home, and the dogs are very simple to raise. Usually, just feed some low salt, light nutrients, rich, easy to absorb, absorb absorption Natural dog food is just fine!
    . Fortunately
    If at home, take the initiative to help your parents do housework, such as mopping the floor, wipe the window, wash the dishes, etc. If you listen to it, you will be "pitiful", and you usually chat with your parents and say something about dogs!
    5. Exercise
    This told parents that after raising dogs can make their bodies healthier, usually take the dog out to exercise and run, exercise your body, if you are still in school, then you are still in school, then you are still in school, then you are still in school, then you are still in school, then you are still in school. Then you are still in school. It can be said to make the sports test results better. Usually you can do some training with dogs out of exercise. Snack rewards are essential during training. Cooperate with you better!

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