5 thoughts on “Where can I do a sterilizer for cats?”

  1. It seems that only stray cats can perform free birth surgery. A larger hospital seems to have indicators that can perform birth surgery for stray cats for free, such as Agricultural University Hospital.
    Many shoveling officers saw some special circumstances in their own cats, and they would think about taking their own kittens to sterilize, but sometimes the shoveling officer also feels that it is not too much to do so Humanity, after all, all cats are still pitiful, but sterilization may curb cats in nature, but sterilization is still a lot of benefits for cats.
    For cats, if they do not do sterilization for them, then some things will consume more energy on these cats, and this is not just physical effort, but more of themselves overdrawn themselves. s life. For cats for cats, for cats, their lives have a lot of burden, so there will be some extension in life, so that they can accompany the shoveling officer longer.

  2. At 344 intersection of Hongqin South Road and Baoshan Road, there is a Yikang pet hospital. The doctor Ding is good. Tel: 23365877.

    With the dog Wen, we got the love pet hospital in Hexi People's Park. The hospital had no medical ethics. Originally, puppies could not be saved. He asked us to pay you infusion and pay more than 1,000. I think it ’s a black -hearted pet hospital. Do n’t go. Too dark. It’ s better to do it at the Yikang Pet Hospital. The charge is not expensive, and there is medical ethics. By the way, he is a hospital with pets.

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