5 thoughts on “How to do it by yourself?”

  1. ............. you can know that the crematorium can also add gasoline, so you do n’t have gasoline, you can use the word "well" to put the word "well" to the 5th floor, and then in the middle Put some dried grass, and then need a liter of gasoline to help, to pray to pray for a complete cremation. If you want to collect the ashes, it is recommended that you put him on the iron piece with a large net. ,thanks,

  2. It is said that the bone is difficult to burn as gray than you think
    The temperature of the cremation furnace is quite high and it takes thousands of degrees. Still suggest you buried a little deeper

  3. Buried under the big tree can fertilize the tree. After a period of time, your baby was absorbed by the tree. If it is cremated, it will really pollute the environment.

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