Is there a pet market in Shenzhen?

There are no pets in the original Futian Flower World and Nanshan Flower World. Where can I buy dogs and cats now?

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  1. Wenjindu Shenzhen's pet market is located along the road along Luohu District, and is adjacent to Shenzhen Art School and Wenjindu Port. There are many stores in the market. They are lined up in order. You can buy cats and dogs of different varieties of varieties. You can also bring pets here for beauty, bathing, cutting hair, etc. Go to the market to take Metro Line 2 to Huangbeiling Station and take another 8 minutes to reach the market. If you drive, you can enter from Henan Road, Shennan East Road or Wenjinnan Road.
    Futian Agricultural Calculating Market officially opened in 1997. The old Shenzhen people who know the old Shenzhen will choose to come here every year. The market covers an area of ​​about 90,000 square meters, with a total of 4 floors. The number of shops is as high as 2,000. There are all kinds of products. Only you can't think of it. You can't buy it without you. In addition to various agricultural and sideline products, fruits and vegetable products, seafood products, etc. in the market, there are dozens of large and small flower shops on the first floor: hydrangea, red bean flower, daisy, oranges, carnations, roses, etc. Objects: bird pets such as tiger parrots, golden birds, thrush birds and other birds, as well as various cold -blooded and pet fish.

  2. The first pet market: Merlin Agricultural Calculation Market ~ It is currently the largest pet market in Shenzhen.
    The bus lines are: 2, 12, 15, 30, 111, 201, 216, 334, 414, 404 and so on. Essence Then get off at Merlinnong's batch station!

    The second pet market: there is a flower, bird and fish pet market at the junction of Huanggang Road and Hongli Road, basically there are

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