5 thoughts on “Is it painful by the cat caught by the cat and hacking? Is it a rabies?”

  1. The following text comes from an authoritative expert about rabies: Professor Zu Shuxian
    The anxiety caused by the cat -dogs who were raised by the family, I answered many inquisitioners. This is caused by the increasing propaganda and education of rabies and rabies.
    American experts said: Cats and dogs who are affected by rabies caught the rabies. (Note that the cats and dogs mentioned here are the cats and dogs who are affected by rabies, not healthy cats and dogs.
    did you have the possibility of infecting rabies? Is there any possibility of dogs or dogs you contact with rabies?
    1. In China, almost all rabies occur in rural towns, or small towns and urban and rural areas, especially in the south provinces and districts. Some cities (excluding the suburbs of its affiliated counties) have not reported rabies for many years.
    , the possibility of animal bite in the following situations can basically be excluded:
    1) Family dogs and cats;
    2) Dogs and cats are clear. It is not a stray animal for raising at home;
    3) This dog and cat never exposed to suspected rabies dogs, or no dogs who have been unknown to bite;
    4) Animals have abnormalities or behaviors of no illness, and they are bitten, such as teasing, food care, care, pain;
    5) Animal vaccination;
    6) Disease Control Center informs the local area in recent years Rabies have no rabies;
    7) The bite has been bitter for more than 10 days, and dogs and cats are healthy as usual.
    ) Article 1) Article 1) You can know at the time when you were bitten or contact. You can rest assured that these 5 can be assured. In addition, the disease control center notify the local rabies without rabies. If there is 7), whether there is 1) -5), you can rest assured.
    2. Dogs and cat spread rabies are mainly caused by biting. In the context of the above 1., it is meaningless to be licked or contaminated by my own or neighbors' disease -free or healthy dogs and cats or saliva. Those who are mild and unprepared or superficially scratching can be applied to iodine locally. Those with severe injuries and bleeding, except for rinse immediately, go to the hospital for treatment.
    Animals diagnosed or suspicious rabies are scratched or licking damaged skin or mucous membranes before they need to be exposed.
    3. Touching rabies (dogs and cats) or contacting their blood, urine, or feces does not constitute exposure, and no preventive measures need to be taken.
    4. Indirect contact with the saliva of the appearance of healthy animals, there is no possibility of spreading rabies at all.
    It hope everyone can consult or consult the local disease control center and hospital infectious department if there are any questions.

  2. It has nothing to do with rabies, and rabies have nothing to do with rabies. There is no symptom of rabies. It is caused by the melanin precipitation of wound healing. Normally, after other wound healing on our body may also be darker than the surroundings.
    Observe the cat. On the 10th after the cat, the cat will be determined to exclude the risk of infection 100 %, indicating that it is impossible to be contagious during the accident.

  3. The cat itself is not a rabies virus
    The cat who grabbing your cat is okay if it is not bitten by a dog
    It is skin allergies and do not deal with wounds n Nothing

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