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  1. Is Siamese cats (details introduction)
    regular combing cats for cats can prevent cat skin diseases, hair knots, and also beneficial to the metabolism of cat skin. Most cats are still willing to comb their hair, but there are also some cats. There is no habit of developing combing, so it will refuse to comb. Many cats reject cats for many reasons. Most cats are afraid of pain, so the owner should pay attention to methods when combing the cat.
    1. Cats do not like combing hair. When it grows up, it will make the cat uncomfortable. In addition, the owner's way of combing the cat's hair is not right. In the process of combing the hair, the cat does not make the cat feel comfortable but painful, so the pet cat will not be happy to let you comb it.
    2. Combing hair for pet cats can't come in a hurry. To let cats accept combing hair, then you still have to cultivate from an early age. In addition, when combing the cat's hair, the movement should be gentle, and to ensure that the cat is not painful, then you can sprinkle some talc powder or refreshing powder on the cat before combing the hair, and then use a soft brush or a wide -tooth comb. Gently brush in the direction of the long hair. While combing hair, you can also gently massage the cat's body, so that it can feel comfortable and safe, so that cats can better accept you to comb your hair.

  2. Because cats feel your invasion. Some cats, even if you have raised it from an early age, she is very light with her, but it still has a certain masturbation. Essence The word is wrong, hehe.
    . It may be. Essence For example, cats do not like humans to face him with their mouths. Because of the absolute expression of human beings, it is a provocation for cats.
    actually the same meaning. It is a very friendly way to people. Come to express, but some animals do not necessarily think so.

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