4 thoughts on “I accidentally bitten my hand by the kitten. Is there anything wrong?”

  1. 1. First of all, it depends on the degree of biting. If there is no bleeding, it is just damaged the skin, so rinse a little, and use a drop of dew or a behing hand toilet solution. Vegetarian, erythromycin eye cream.
    2. If bleeding bleeding, then rinse with a lot of water, squeeze out the saliva left in the wound at the same time, apply alkaline soap repeatedly, repeatedly rinse until the wound is whitening. The deeper, the thorough the better (about 20-30 minutes). Then apply iodine on the wound to just.
    3. Regarding whether a rabies vaccine, my point of view is that if it is bite by clarifying crazy cats or stray cats, then you need to get injections, and at the same time, you need to injected tetanus and serum. Generally, cat bite raised for a long time at home, as long as it is processed like 2, you can basically do not get an injection, but if you bite the face, the limbs are near the central nervous part, and it is particularly serious, it is recommended to get injections. (Note: Cats are rabies viruses for a long time. Even if it injected vaccines, it can only make it not on the disease, which does not mean that you will not develop after being bitten by it)

  2. See if it is broken, if it is not broken, there is no big deal. If it is broken, squeeze out the blood, wash it with soapy water many times, and disinfect it with iodine. It is best to go to the hospital for rabies vaccine and carry viruses with saliva for animals, but sometimes animals themselves do not infected with disease.

  3. No matter what kind of small animals are bitten, it is best to do clean wound work as soon as possible. Go to the hospital for examination and obey the doctor's suggestion.

  4. It doesn't matter if the dog bites. It is enough to disinfect the kitten place with alcohol.
    Then the title
    The latent period of rabies is currently found for 30 years. Any animal, including a man, may have rabies. But if you do n’t have bleeding, there is nothing
    The following information, please read it patiently and carefully !!
    are detailed answers to your questions and some of my personal ...

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