Two children in Sichuan cooperate with stealing pet store cats. How should this behavior be qualitative?

5 thoughts on “Two children in Sichuan cooperate with stealing pet store cats. How should this behavior be qualitative?”

  1. Although children are younger, they still cannot build a standard period for illegal crimes and criminal cases, but the law will not pay attention to the age of criminal suspects. Therefore, the behavior of the two children's coordination is legal as a theft in law. It is necessary to pay the corresponding price for this, and at the same time, it will also be qualitatively qualitatively qualitatively. Through the words of the shop owner, we can understand that the price of this cat is about 3,000 yuan, so the amount is large, so parents may be implicated together.
    In fact, the courage of these two children is still relatively large. It is reasonable to say that if the children will not have such a phenomenon under their parents' elaborate education, but these two children are not in the same family, they look like brothers and sisters. Therefore, before stealing cats, I also inspected the position of the cat in advance, and also made many theft. In the end, while the clerk left the store, he hugged the cat with the key. However, the store found that cats lost the police for the first time. Although children did not have the ability to distinguish, they should also know that this behavior was stealing in the subconscious.
    Now the police have also filed a case. A detailed investigation was launched in detail. I believe that the identity of boys and girls will be clearly investigated soon. This cat is a classic blue and white cat. 3600 yuan. Although children do not have any resistance to cats, even when they are raising cats, they will be rejected by their parents, but they should not have the psychology of stealing. The two children are about 10 years old, so they are under 16 years old, so the parents of the two children will apologize to the store.
    It, the cat stolen cats should be returned. If the cat has a damage in the process of being stolen by a child, the corresponding compensation must be given. However, I still hope to attract the attention of parents, and we must educate their children strictly. After all, when I was a kid, I grew up to steal the bank when I grew up. Living for children's various actions.

  2. This behavior can be characterized as the crime of theft. Children cooperating with the cats who stole the pet shop are stolen behaviors. The law stipulates that both adults and juveniles are criminal as long as they have stolen behavior, which constitutes the crime of theft.

  3. Such behaviors can be characterized as theft, and the price of this pet store cat has exceeded tens of thousands of yuan, and it can be filed.

  4. This behavior should be the crime of theft, because children are not adults, so parents may need to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

  5. Such behavior is not good. It can be seen that the education methods and educational concepts of these two children's homes are very unreasonable.

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