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  1. 1. Cats can eat salt. Because cat's metabolism is inseparable from salt. But the salt here does not only refer to the edible salt in our lives, but also refers to chlorine -containing compounds, such as foods with chlorine -containing compounds in food.
    2. Cats must supplement sodium and chlorine (two elements that form salt) to survive. Salt is necessary for the normal operation of the cat's body. The appropriate amount of salt is not only good for health, but also the life of cats! The cat's body cells must sodium and chlorine (two elements that form salt). These two minerals play a key role in regulating the concentration of the interior and external liquid of the cat cell membrane, maintaining each cell in the cat's body but not completely ruptured.
    The minerals also have other functions, such as regulating the pH value in the blood, producing hydrochloric acid in the cat's stomach, bringing nutrients into cells, and transporting waste from the body before the waste occurs.
    3. The daily salt of the cat is very low. Because they eat less salt they eat, unlike people discharge a large amount of salt through sweating. The cat's body can save sodium (the main source is salt). Adult cats have low loss to sodium. According to nutritional magazines, cats of generals need about 21 mg of salt per day. The concentration of cat food in many cat food is higher than this. The National Research Commission recommends not more than 42 mg per day.
    4. Cats must not be too little salt.
    This salt may suffer severe or even fatal electrolytic imbalances, causing symptoms such as depression, drowsiness, muscle weakness, unclear consciousness, epilepsy, vomiting, anxiety, behavior changes, coma, and eventually leading to death.
    5. Cats must not be too salt.
    This salt separation will cause severe damage to the cat's body, leading to electrolyte imbalance, sodium ion poisoning, dehydration of cells, and severe damage.如果猫咪食用了过多的盐,可能会出现呕吐、腹泻、食欲下降、嗜睡、共济失调、肌肉痉挛、极度口渴、面部和腿部水分滞留、发烧、心跳加快、肌肉无力、迷失方向、 Drunk walking, excessive urination, tremor, seizures, coma, and even death. If not treated in time, cats may die within 24 hours. Therefore, if you suspect that the cat's salt is too much, take it to the pet hospital in time. The veterinarian will give it intravenous infusion to condition the electrolyte.
    6. A little salt is not a big problem.
    Although it should not be regularly marinated with cats, it is not harmful to the cat's small amount of salt from time to time. If you cook chicken breasts, beef and other meat for the cat yourself, it is recommended to use white water and add a little salt. It is recommended to feed on cat food. Nutrition in cat food can fully meet the needs of cats, and there is no need to worry about excessive salt.

  2. Of course, cats can eat salt, just like people. Those pet doctors always say that cats cannot eat too salty foods, brain disabled, and people cannot eat too salty food! Intersection Those pet doctors recommend eating cat food every day. Eating cat food will get sick, just like people eating biscuits every day. Pet doctor advises you to eat cat food.

  3. The sweat glands are not developed.
    The digestion and absorption of salt is mainly discharged by sweat glands, but cats and dogs. Only a small part of salt can be digested and absorbed, and the remaining salts will be absorbed by the urinary system and digestive system. However, it will increase the burden on the liver and kidneys. In the long run, it will cause cat's kidney stones or intestinal stones.
    This is recommended to feed on pet food, such as cat food, canned cats, and frozen dried food. In addition to feeding pet food, you can feed some common vegetables and fruits in moderation.

  4. Cats can eat salt!

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