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  1. Want to find a nanny job, or do you want to find a nanny
    Now most people are thinking of finding a nanny to pass the housekeeping company. However, the water in the housekeeping is very deep. Generally, the housekeeping company will sign a contract with the employer. The nanny work at the employer's home for more than a month. It is to find the nanny of the contract for the employer, and it will not continue to find the employer to find a nanny. But the housekeeping company will secretly contact the nanny and let the nanny go to other employers' homes. Although this is just an example, when employers and housekeeping companies sign contracts, they must be optimistic about the content of the contract.
    Although there are many platforms, you can also find the work and employers for free on the platform. However, the trust of the two parties is not high, which needs to run in
    . It is still introduced by an acquaintance. If the person introduced is in the nanny industry, this is okay. However, if you are looking for relatives and friends from his hometown, if you do not happen, you will stiff the relationship with the people introduced.

  2. 1 Recruitment for the society

    The specific work content, responsibility, and remuneration leave a specific way, and then find an information platform to announce it.

    2 Friends Introduction

    This should be more reliable, but this friend who introduces your nanny must be reliable. This is the most fundamental.

    3 Third party intervention

    The efficiency should be high. Find a slightly larger local scale, a more formal housekeeping company, a quality, and guarantee.

    The nanny industry is very complicated. The nanny injury incident often reports. Even if the nanny is on the job, you can't ignore it. I hope it can help you.

  3. You can go to the housekeeping company to find it, and then ask each other to ask each other through acquaintances, which is more reliable.

  4. This depends on what kind of nanny you are looking for and which work for your family, so you can go to a place where you can find a nanny to take care of a nanny. Now these are still very convenient.

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