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  1. In the past, traditional education institutions were relatively single for market enrollment and promotion.

    . For example:
    1, community around the campus store, school ground promotion
    2, community offline publicity materials within the radiation range (such as: umbrella, banner, shop door, public welfare Franchment, etc.)
    3, school periods of school schools/parent meetings, stalls consultation information
    4, multi -channel cooperation and participation in exhibition activities
    This mediums that seem to be launched "advertising" are mainly In the form of material production, low -cost formation is implemented, but the current development of education institutions cannot play a great role in promoting.
    . The new model of online marketing development in the education industry
    The rapid development of the Internet has spawned the development of online marketing. Compared with traditional marketing methods, online marketing has low cost, wide coverage, strong targeted, large information volume, large amount of information Etc. The network marketing functions of education and training institutions can be achieved by comprehensive application of various network marketing methods and continuously innovate.

    For example: the construction of the official website, the spread of the search engine bidding ranking, the transmission of personal media information, the network virtual community, instant messaging tools (QQ, WeChat), and mobile media (SMS group).
    . Do a good job of product and content output is the last word
    The so -called offline development. The Air Force first. Before developing each area, a large number of content marketing should be carried out in advance to attract enough target customer groups. Later, it was the development of offline enrollment.

    For example: a high -quality forum can not only increase customer viscosity, but also attract a lot of traffic with information websites. At the same time A complete enrollment channel.
    . The target group of precise positioning target is key
    In in addition to the right time of the platform selection and the right time, the target group must also be used to cover the advertisement as much as possible. This is the key to the promotion of education institutions.

    The mastering of crowd characteristics and behavior preferences can make marketing work more effective.
    . For example: the target group of the language training industry for example, mainly the following 5 features:
    1, bachelor's degree or above, mainly distributed in education, finance, tourism and other industries
    2, most want to want to most want Learn English and Japanese, pay attention to the ability of listening and speaking
    3, yearning for quality life, medium consumption level, tending to fashion brands
    4, mainly focusing on European cars, the favorite model is cars

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