2 thoughts on “What kind of crowd is suitable for custom furniture?”

  1. Custom homes are basically suitable for everyone, especially for people who require high requirements for living environment, design, integrity, and practicality. It is a good choice. Good customization can provide a one -stop solution for "user".
    The master custom home master, Hollying guest deeply cultivated the "new original state everyone's home" strategy, with the integration development, integration of style, and the original state of the house as the core of the home Cover the original concept of the entire product department and deliver the real environmental protection solution for consumers.

  2. Custom furniture can be said to be suitable for all people, and people who choose to have high requirements for living environment, design, overallness, and practicality. Most consumers who buy customized furniture today are 80 and 90s.
    The advantages of custom furniture:
    First, to meet consumers' pursuit of personality. The same world, the same sky, and the same oxygen, although we are all corn in this vast world, but the pursuit of personality has been buried in the heart of consumers. Furniture customization can start from consumers personal, and it can design the furniture that belongs to you according to consumers' preference. Like the public as the public, the tide rises and falls; the self in the door is separated from the public, and it is chic and happy in the space that belongs to himself.
    second, the quality is better. The material of the finished furniture is fixed. If you want to buy, choose this material for furniture. Customized furniture materials can be determined by consumers that mahogany, oak, walnuts, etc. are you want. What kind of material do you want, your furniture will be your ideal material.
    third, save costs and save money. The price of finished furniture is obtained by various calculations. This price is just a number for consumers, and consumers do not know whether this number is reasonable or unreasonable. But custom furniture is different, consumers can plan the price of furniture by themselves. For example, what is the cost of materials, how much manual costs are, and so on. This can prevent our black -hearted merchants pit, and the quality of furniture is also guaranteed.
    The disadvantages of customized furniture:
    First of all, although customized furniture can save costs, it is still more expensive than finished furniture. The finished furniture is produced by the factory. Customized furniture is not only produced separately, but also the whole process of designers. The consumption of a lot of manpower and material resources also shows that there is a lot of financial resources.
    Secondly, the waiting time is relatively long. The finished furniture is also the money, but customized furniture needs to be waiting for a long period of waiting. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, really test a person's patience!
    At last, consumers do not know the process. Although customized furniture is designed according to consumers' ideas, participating in design does not mean participating in the whole process. Many custom -made furniture cards without hard power are for benefits, and there are many incidents of collecting money and running.

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