How can Weishang increase the connections

I am a Weishang. There are not many people in the circle of friends. How can I expand my connections. Increase my turnover. Please help.

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  1. Answer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. WeChat has the following methods: the first method: mutual adding human network "mutual connections" refers to the exchange of resource interchange, the operation method is relatively simple, we can we can Find someone with the same number of WeChat friends, and then you publish the other party's recommendation advertisement in your circle of friends, and the other party publishes your recommendation advertisement in his circle of friends, so that you can realize mutual connections. The second method: The mixed group plus the connection "mixed group plus the connector" means that we can join some groups related to our industry, brush the face and interact more in the group, help the group members to answer some questions, and then take the initiative to take the initiative to take the initiative to take the initiative to take the initiative to take the initiative to take the initiative Add the other party as a friend. Generally, the success rate is very high in this case. The 3rd method: Forwarding the fission and the connection "forwarding fission plus connections" means that we can provide some benefits to users, but users need to help us forward the circle of friends or use the group assistant to send WeChat friends to receive it for free, so that they can realize it to achieve it. Passive fission plus connections. I hope my answer is helpful to you, thank you!

  2. There are the following ideas, I don't know if it will help the landlord. 1. Pay attention to the accumulation of connections during work. Every job, for you, is a library with huge potential. As long as you pay attention, I believe you will have your own world. 2. Participate in business activities, can be a variety of clubs, some forums, workplace lectures, etc. You will encounter many professional people there, maybe they will help you in work in the future. 3. Make good use of professional social networks. Many people who have already worked have their own professional social network accounts, and have associated a variety of people, such as LinkedIn in the United States. The development of domestic professional SNS is relatively slow, but these two years have grown faster. For example, there are currently about 6.5 million members in China ’s largest professional social networking site. Different from the school and happiness, most of the users in it belong to professional groups. You can slowly accumulate connections on it, interact more, and change from strangers to acquaintances. In addition, some of their offline activities are pretty good. I have participated once and felt very helpful.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am inquiring for you, please wait a moment, I will reply to you immediately ~nThe most basic of Weishang is the connections. What we need to do business most is the connections. So how to find a stranger to add it, how can strangers take the initiative to add us? Except for the methods I told you before, I will give it to you tonight. Let's talk about how to use those methods to add people in detail. ▲ In fact, it is not difficult to add people, and the method is given to you, depending on whoever works, who will add it faster. "▲ Now I will tell you the channels and techniques of fans ▲ First of all Communication recording guidance, introduction of QQ friends, nearby people and drifting bottles, these themselves know how to operate, so I do n’t talk about it here. 1. Baidu, post bar, Weibo, Momo, QQ, people nearby Baidu, Tieba, Weibo and other community forums searched a lot of WeChat signals, adding others through WeChat, of course, some people will say that it seems that these people are doing micro -quotients. If they are small agents, you can transform them into your agent. If they are big sellers, then you can know more about other people's brands through the circle of friends and see how they run their own circle of friends to summarize their own advantages. One sentence It is not unreasonable to say that confidant knowing and knowing one another, this is not unreasonable, at least it helps us to understand the WeChat market now. ▲ QQ group: China has countless QQ groups, there are tens of millions of girls in it. Connected, so at this time you need to open your QQ, search for breast enhancement groups, whitening groups, health groups, skin care groups, gender relations groups, postpartum mothers recover groups and other groups. △ Of course, do n’t advertise when you add it. You can get familiar with the people inside. This process takes time, not for a day or two. When you talk well, you add them to them. QQ, and then import them into your own WeChat. If you are not free and lazy, you can also search their QQ number plus WeChat. Many people are bound by QQ and WeChat Not much, even if others see you sell things after adding it, it is very likely to delete you. But if you are familiar with them first, let them believe in you, when you are friends, when they become your QQ After friends, you can import WeChat, and naturally they will agree to your verification and the circle of friends who follow you. You have to hold a friend with a pure friends to add friends, WeChat marketing is based on trust. △ You add What group, just talk about it, such as adding to the mother group. Many people will say some questions about bringing children. I have a mother. I can easily answer these questions, but you haven’t brought the child. But I want to talk about these topics, what to do, you can search for answers on Baidu, and find Baidu if you have any questions. For example, if someone asks the child what kind of granulation is good to drink, you can search for her. You can answer in the group. If you are active in the group, everyone trusts you very much, and naturally you can become friends. What type of groups are you talking about what type of topics.nWeChat group ▲ There is no restriction on adding people in WeChat groups. Usually we take the initiative to add people, add dozens a day, and WeChat is limited. You can only copy the micro account, add the next day, you can add a little in the morning, add a little at noon, add a little at night, so no way Easy to be restricted. But there is no restriction to add friends in WeChat group. ▲ You are all collected on Weibo, forum, Baidu, Douban, Public Account, etc., all the groups of QR codes appearing there, scan it with a mobile phone, add the group, and then add people. Many groups, the groups of major websites are constantly updated, casually add people, and some people add you. WeChat group is the simplest and fastest way to add people. ▲ Post bar, forum: For example, Baidu Post Bar ▲ We post the focus on posting bar is how to let others add your WeChat, first search the mask, beauty bar, water supplement mask, and then post in it. The title can be written: "Need to replenish/whitening/acne mask", etc. The content is written. For example, if you have acne, you have written a lot of acne recently. Recommend to me, and then leave your own WeChat to let others add you. Don't stay on the text on the text, on the second floor, it is to comment on your own post. △ There are many such posts in post bar, and everyone can also imitate others posting. ▲ Of course, many of them are peers. It doesn't matter. We add people, no matter who can add, many of the peers are small agents. We can turn them into their own agents, because some people take products Not hot, and I do n’t know how to add people, do n’t know how to brush the circle of friends, do n’t know shipments, do n’t know how to recruit agents, and we ca n’t find the direction. If we add them to them, it is a good potential agent. ▲ There is another point. If you go to the forum or something, you must register your account. The avatar of your account must be beautiful women. What can attract people is equal to the title, and the content is equivalent to your circle of friends. It's like a beautiful avatar attracting others to add you. ▲ There are a lot of posts in post bar. People post every minute and every second. If you want to go to post, you will post a message below your own post. Some people comment that the post will appear in front of the first page. OK. ▲ In fact, everyone will say that people nearby are too vigilant now, and they are unwilling to add me. In fact, adding people also pay attention to methods. You can say: Dear, today I have a birthday, ask for blessings, can you add me? You can also say: Dear, I am Xiao Wu, your colleague, please add it. In fact, this may look deceptive, but you add people first, if you do n’t even have a WeChat friend, what about marketing? ▲ With the method of people nearby, we will encounter a lot of male friends to say hello to us. You can also add these. I used to add a male friend who greeted me, and he used the product with me to give his wife for several. This is business opportunity, don't throw away. And there are many people, and there are students who want to make money on their own, just like I have a boy's agent, so don't be afraid to add to men, no matter who we arenTaobao ▲ Evaluation message, I believe that everyone used to visit Taobao often. How many people will evaluate after you buy things? Are there any evaluations? ▲ From today, you will evaluate the things after you buy it. You can say that: dear, your family is very good, I like it, I am the agent of XX products, I have the opportunity to cooperate. This mask can come to me. In fact, many people love to watch the evaluation records, so they may add your WeChat through your evaluation. Are you right? ▲ There are also a lot of skin care products on Taobao, all kinds of explosive models, such as skinny leg socks. You can search for it, and then see if there is a WeChat signal of the product picture, everyone can add it through the WeChat signal Essence There are also some clothes, bags, pants, etc., and some people cannot wear them, and they will also leave WeChat under the comments, or leave a WeChat signal under the comments, and you will add it, which means that you want to buy the clothes they can't wear. There are tens of millions of stores on Taobao, so many types of products, countless comments, you can add a lot of people.nTongxun Channel ▲ Bank, government, courier company, investment company. Street advertising investment, application, ordering, etc.: Everyone can go to the bank, the government's Tongxun records, and the method of importing through Tongxun recording. It is convenient to add batch through the mobile phone number. Do you pay attention? There will be rental information on each wholesale market. These have the phone number of the owner. In fact, the mobile phone number is generally bound to the WeChat. Everyone can add it through the mobile phone number. When ordering, you will have a mobile phone number. Of course, when you add these people, you should pay attention to greeting skills. I think you should understand these skills. When recruiting, you can say that you are applying for it. When you recruit, you should say Is it right? ▲ There are many private stores that are the two -dimensional code, and then consume in his store can be discount, so you can add to the owner's WeChat. 4. Business card channel ▲ In fact, it is quite popular offline WeChat marketing. You can print your QR code on your own business card. When you can hand over other people's business cards, you can scan the QR code and scan it. Joined WeChat friends.nTip 1: Praise ▲ The first kind of praise. For example: 26 Ji Zhan, gift gifts, 66 collections, gifts, and so on. . After the full praise, the screenshot sends the micro signal: to collect it. I think everyone has played this method. It is indeed available. Of course, when others come to exchange, you must fulfill your promise. Do not let others think you are you. In the flicker. ▲ So what do we get as a small gift? If it is directly delivered to the product, it is not cost -effective. For example, if we have a box of masks, you can remove it, give it to good friends to try one, or ask them to give you feedback. When they are in When their circle of friends sent feedback, it was undoubtedly a publicity for our products. If she felt easy to use, she would come to buy it with you. ▲ Second: Choose Law. You send a picture that attracts traffic, such as children’s photos or fun and funny. After you send it, you will definitely like your WeChat friends. Then at this time, you can be in the WeChat friends you like Choose your potential customers and potential agents, and then you can say this in private: dear, thank you for your attention, tonight you are the lucky ones of my circle of friends, because you are the friends who like my information on this message Congratulations, please privately me, I will give you a small gift. In this way, your WeChat friend is an accident, a surprise, but you can get your gift without accident. Then, maybe she will pay more and more attention to your circle of friends. Maybe you will slowly become friends through communication. It may become a consumer or agent for your product. Tips. Jianqun (game method) ▲ Drives and products: You can build a group, and then invite your friends to play dice and play games to send products. Then, under the premise of prizes, your friend may be Will invite her friends to come in and play together, so you can also add to her friends. Of course, I think this method is better than you send the product directly to your friends to experience. In your product, you can get closer to your distance, and you can also add to your friend's friends. There is an agent of its own group, and this small event will be greater, because they are all people they know, and they have trusted you. Tips: WeChat push each other ▲ Find some good relationships. Friends with many fans let him help you promote you on his WeChat circle and help you promote it. This is also a very good way to increase new friends. The key to this method is that you do n’t hesitate. You can help others first, and others are more happy to help you push. It is best to find a selling clothing, shoes, and people in different industries to help you promote it. The key to this method is that only by helping others to promote it. As long as your industry does not conflict, others will help you push it wholeheartedly.nI hope the above answers are helpful to you ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~n5 morenBleak

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