Who can help me make a mobile phone industry in the mobile phone industry?

Including daily shipments and terminal actual sales, terminal inventory, warehouse inventory

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  1. Communication Wealth mobile phone store management software is a professional mobile phone input and sales management software system. It integrates mobile phone sales, purchasing inventory, financial details, counter management, after -sales service and mobile phone accessories management. , Rebate settlement management, business and sales commission, financial management, and manager decision -making of dealers. It is fully suitable for the management of mobile phones, accessories, retail and general, and branch companies chain management.
    This scope: mobile phone chain mobile phone wholesale trade. Mobile phone hypermarket. Mobile phone repair center.
    function module: procurement management, retail management, wholesale management, inventory management, distribution center, preparation and rebate, counter management, finance, finance, finance, finance, finance Management, maintenance management, decision -making analysis, employee commission
    The system has the following major characteristics:
    1, powerful functions: all basic functions in the communication sales industry.
    2, automatic student number: The system can automatically generate various types of mobile phone numbers and magnetic card numbers, eliminating the mistakes and tedious mistakes of manual operation, and improved the efficiency and data accuracy of work.
    3, serial number management: The unique mobile phone serial number tracking management, after entering part or complete serial number, automatically track the purchase, sales, maintenance, and return records of the serial number. At the same time, the mobile phone serial number scan input is supported. You can quickly and conveniently enter the complicated mobile phone number through the scanning gun, thereby completely solving the problem of the mobile phone number input.
    4, price insurance rebate: convenient and unique supplier, customer rebate and price insurance management. Automatic statistical suppliers' purchase rebate and price insurance, customer wholesale rebate and price insurance, allowing you to settle clearly with suppliers and customers.
    5, easy to find: The system has blurred and compound search functions, which can easily search and search for data, statistical printing data.
    6, complete reports: The system has very strong report statistics printing function, powerful data introduction export function
    7, data selection: The system has multiple data selection methods to avoid artificial operation errors. At the same time, the right mouse button and comprehensive keyboard operations are supported.
    8, secondary development: We can develop secondary development on the basis of existing systems. We are willing to serve you. You can directly tell us your needs through telephone or email to meet your needs.
    9 In addition to conventional after -sales service projects such as project implementation, after -sales training, and on -site services, we also strengthen the content of online services online. In the case of user permission, through the remote terminal, it can solve the user in real time to solve the almost all after -sales work from installation, settings, errors, and maintenance to completely replace the on -site service.
    10. After -sales guarantee: For all formal registered users, provide a full set of operation manuals, completely free upgrade and technical support and maintenance.

  2. The development of Shanghai Law Information for 10 years of professional wholesale and retail professional software is important. It is important that we combined with smart mobile devices in real -time accurate management inventory to achieve real -time orders of salespersons, real -time ingance and returns at customers, and realize the itinerary management of business personnel. , Solving the problems in corporate management, the mouse can be seen on my name. I can see my contact information.

  3. The online version of the mobile phone can be used online, but it does not need to be installed by itself. It is only dozens of dollars for a month. So many mobile phone stores in the country are in use, and they are quite mature.

  4. Starry Business Investing and Exchange Store mobile phone industry version, there are ready -made finished products. You don't need to customize it.

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