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  1. 1. Securities brokers are agencies or individuals who agency customers buy and sell for securities. The intermediaries of securities investors and securities issuers are the purpose of earning commissions. The New York Stock Exchange's securities broker can also be divided into commission brokers and two -yuan broker (also known as the trading department broker). Commission brokers directly contact investors, accept customers entrusted to buy and sell securities, and collect commissions from customers after the transaction.
    2, securities brokers pointed out that they were instructed to buy and sell securities in the stock exchange, acting as the intermediary of the transaction and collecting commissions. It can be divided into three categories, namely commissions agents, two dollar agents and bond agents. Practitioners must obtain the qualifications of the securities qualification examination before they can engage in securities brokerage business.
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  2. If you buy stocks, you do not buy it directly from the shareholders. The role of an intermediary is a securities broker.

    If securities agent can be regarded as the agent of a broker, and the person who matches the shareholder to the securities firm's account.

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