2 thoughts on “Can environmental protection mining machines really make money?”

  1. Mining machine mining coins are scams. In recent years, Bitcoin has become the new favorite of investment, and the price of Bitcoin mining machines has also risen, and huge profits have attracted some people to embark on the road of crime. In 2019, the Chongqing Xiushan County Procuratorate approved the arrest of Awei who scammed through the sales of Bitcoin mining machines. Bitcoin is a digital virtual currency in P2P form that can be exchanged for currency in most countries. In theory, as long as there is a computer, anyone can participate in Bitcoin mining. However, because the total amount of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million, the number is scarce, so if you want to dig a Bitcoin, you must be equipped with a mining machine. In May this year, the price of Bitcoin soared to 19,000 yuan, and some scammers also weave a new scam. The "post -90s" man A Wei searched the buyer of a Bitcoin mining machine through social software and actively communicated when he encountered the intention of buyers, claiming to sell Bitcoin senior mining machine at low prices. Because an ordinary mining machine on the market requires at least 30,000 yuan, the higher -level mining machine consumes less power and the mining speed is 600,000 yuan. Buyers holding cheap psychology are easy to fooled. Reference information Source: People's Daily Online -Buy a "mining machine" to dig coins. After payment, there is no following

  2. Hello! Of course, you can make money, as long as you can sell it. But this is generally better to use the mouth, it is best to have channels.

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