5 thoughts on “What dogs are Corgi, and what are the advantages and characteristics of other dogs?”

  1. I believe that everyone has seen Corgi in daily life. In fact, Corgi's dog species are similar to their common names. The full name is Wales Corgi. From the perspective of the body, it belongs to a small dog species. The impression of the base may be that the legs are short, but it is because of the short leg that it has such a cute body shape. It can even be sure that most people are breeding Corgi because of its short legs and cute shapes. In addition to the cute appearance, Corgi has many advantages and characteristics than other dogs. The most important point is Corgi's character is extremely docile. Generally speaking, unless it is strongly stimulated, it will not bite people. Essence

    With the continuous improvement of people's economic conditions, more and more people choose to raise pets to improve their lives, and Corgi is a good choice. From the personality, Saying Corgi is definitely a docile pet dog, and meekness is crucial to pets. Judging from the preferences of most pet breeders today, they will choose docile pets. After all, such pets are relatively easy to raise or manage. Before such a situation Essence

    In addition to the docile, Corgi has another feature that has been favored by many pet enthusiasts, that is, the shape is extremely thick and cute, which complements its docile character. The shape is definitely a bonus item for pets. Compared with large dogs such as golden retriever, Corgi looks very petite in the body, which also means that the breeder can easily hug it to play anywhere. Add a lot of fun to people's lives.

    In above, Corgi as a small dog, compared to other dogs, has a small shape with a small shape. After all, most people still prefer cute pets. In addition to this, Corgi's personality is also remarkable, and the docile character has a unique advantage. It is undeniable that Corgi is a pet dog with outstanding characteristics and high nursing value. If you like it, you can raise it.

  2. Corgi is a small dog. Compared with other dogs, the advantages are lively and active, and the characteristic is that the legs are short. I like Corgi very much, very cute, big ears are rolling, don't look at its short legs, but it is flexible to run.

  3. Corgi is a small dog, because Corgi's hair is relatively short, which is easier to take care of the long hair of other dogs, and because Corgi is a small dog, it is not as large as a large dog. The characteristic is that Corgi is more sticky and protects the Lord.

  4. Short, strong, strong structure, active, cute and smart, and smart but mild. The most important thing is that Corgi is very emotional to the owner.

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