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  1. The courier company of the consignment dog has the pets of SF Express. Pets are claiming to be SF Express in the pet industry. Of course, courier living pet dogs can be courier. Express prices are similar to air transport. Sex is guaranteed.
    Except for the car, except for the car, no matter what kind of transportation is on, the animal health and immune certificate, quarantine certificate, and "transportation tool disinfection certificate" are almost essential, unless you entrust professional pets to consignment Company, otherwise you have to run relevant departments again and again.
    The introduction
    In early in place, because transporting pets must be equipped with an oxygen cargo cabin, so booking in advance and arriving at the freight office 4 hours before taking off, you can ensure that your pet is transported away on time as you are the same as you. The machine arrives.

    On avoiding squeezing, first of all, you must prepare a strong and durable special air box to transport pets. On the one hand, domestic airlines have certain requirements for the packaging of living goods, and on the other hand Safe, and you can use a tape to bundle a plastic product on the top of the aircraft box to prevent the transport staff from pressing other items on the box.

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