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  1. . The cause of the cat's stress

    For cats, some of the very usual details in life may cause stress:
    1, new members at home: Including humans, cats, dogs, etc., may cause cat's mental stress to increase and cause stress.
    2, the fighting of family members: The cat was scolded by the shoveling officer, the fierce sounds of quarrels between parents, and the fierce fighting of other cats or dogs may make the timid cats produce Excited.
    3, excessive touch: The uncomfortable uncomfortable of the cat's being uncomfortable is to have people and people at the time. If the pet owner ignores the cat's wishes, it may cause the cat to stress the cat Essence
    4, the departure of family members: The sudden departure of the familiar people or cats at home, causing the cat to separate anxiety and cause stress in severe cases.
    5, the environment is crowded: the environment is too crowded, the number of members is large, the cat's territory is small, and the activity space is insufficient.
    6. Resource barren: Multi -cat families need to use the same cat nest and cat sand pots together, and the daily feeding amount is insufficient.
    7, environmental changes: suddenly moving, changing new furniture for cats, changes in territory, etc.

    . The performance of the cat's stress
    Is when the cat is stimulated by various factors, a pressure reaction occurs. Some irresistible behaviors may appear due to emotional fluctuations. In order to protect themselves, cats who are frightened into stimulating reactions will turn on the attack mode, which will cause cats to increase their blood pressure, blood viscosity, and easily promote blood suppository. Some cats have symptoms such as accelerated heart rate and myocardial ischemia. More severe stress reactions can even cause some cats to refuse to eat, causing liver damage. What is more dangerous is that some overly or too strong stress reactions may directly cause cats to die suddenly.
    The performance of cat stress is mainly divided into two aspects of physiology and behavior:
    1. Physiological changes: large pupils, frying hair, bow back, fast breathing, accelerated heart, drooling, kitten growth, cat growth Wait slowly.
    2, behavior changes: stiffness, fast running away, fear of people, hiding, shouting, over -licking hair, etc.

    The stress is an important cause of some common diseases in cats, and it is also the main factor that causes most abnormal behaviors of cats. Stimulation, ensure the physiological and mental health of cats.

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